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Of Dark Magicks

Continued from here Lilah narrowed her eyes as he said the sex…

Of Dark Magicks

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New Def.
Continued from here

Lilah narrowed her eyes as he said the sex was earth-shattering. “It’s not my fault you can’t properly please a woman without using magic. Pathetic old man,” she hissed before stepping away from him. She watched as he dressed, her smirk still in place.

When he broke the spell on the room, and opened the door, she stepped out of it and stopped. “You’ll be working for the firm soon enough. I like to play dirty, and I always get what I want Mister Giles. I’ll make sure you get a nice cubicle,” Lilah happily said as she went back into the den.

Ethan looked at her for a moment and Lilah smiled at him. Maybe Ethan could help her with getting Rupert on her side. She’d have to look into it. But, at the moment, she wanted to go home and take a long, hot shower, and wash the smell of a certain ex-Watcher off her.
  • Her mouth finally stopped stinging, but there was blood on her favorite blouse. Lilah sighed and looked at herself in the mirror for a moment, wondering how she’d gotten to this point in her life. Holland and Lindsey were walking all over her, and now she was in Rupert’s magic fun circus, hiding in the men’s bathroom. How pathetic had she become?

    Tears begun to sting her eyes and she let out a sob. Lilah rarely cried but at the moment she didn’t care. She was tired of working her ass off, only to be made a mockery of. Lindsey and Holland were probably having a good laugh about it at the moment with their little demon friend. She’d given up her soul for the firm and this was the thanks she’d gotten.

    When there was a knock on the door, followed by Rupert’s face, Lilah growled in frustration. She didn’t want to see him, even though she had came to the place where he lived. Fucking Ethan probably ran off and told him. After splashing water on her face, she went to the door and pulled it open.

    “I was having car trouble and I was near here. Spying on you,” she lied. How pathetic. Why couldn’t she lie to him? She had no problem lying to the California supreme court, but the moment she’s faced with the man she’d fucked twice, and she crumbled. “I was trying to change my tire and needed to wash up.”

    Without saying another word, Lilah started to walk by him but suddenly stopped. “You know, screw Holland and Lindsey. Wolfram and Hart hired Faith to kill Angel. She’s being offered a large sum of money, plus they told her they can get the murder charges dropped against her,” she said.
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