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Of Dark Magicks

Continued from here Lilah narrowed her eyes as he said the sex…

Of Dark Magicks

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New Def.
Continued from here

Lilah narrowed her eyes as he said the sex was earth-shattering. “It’s not my fault you can’t properly please a woman without using magic. Pathetic old man,” she hissed before stepping away from him. She watched as he dressed, her smirk still in place.

When he broke the spell on the room, and opened the door, she stepped out of it and stopped. “You’ll be working for the firm soon enough. I like to play dirty, and I always get what I want Mister Giles. I’ll make sure you get a nice cubicle,” Lilah happily said as she went back into the den.

Ethan looked at her for a moment and Lilah smiled at him. Maybe Ethan could help her with getting Rupert on her side. She’d have to look into it. But, at the moment, she wanted to go home and take a long, hot shower, and wash the smell of a certain ex-Watcher off her.
  • Lilah's laughter died down when Rupert told her they should refer to each other by their given names, instead of being formal. She guessed he was right but it didn't stop her from scowling at his attitude. "Fine, Rupert. No need to be an ass about it," she said as she pushed against his leg with her foot. She was still floating and the giggles came back again. "I should go..."

    Rolling over to her side, Lilah tried to stand from the bed but couldn't. "Fuck," she muttered before falling back on the bed. "Where's my cell phone at? I should call the office and get a car sent here to pick me up. I don't think I can drive." She looked across the room and saw her purse. "Fuck again. There's no way I can make it over there!"

    She turned over again and snuggled against Rupert. Grinning, she ran her fingers through his hair. "It's been a long time since I've snuggled with anyone. I think I was in college, and drunk, and didn't know any better. Guess you could say the same for this time too," Lilah said with a grin.
    • Giles wanted to laugh at Lilah's reaction to his remark. He hadn't thought he was being an ass about it at all, but he supposed it had come out a bit more sarcastic than he had intended. Not that he cared. He was feeling too bloody fantastic to worry about whether Lilah had misinterpreted his tone.

      And it seemed that she rather didn't either. His amusement grew as she tried to get up from the bed only to fall back down and cuddle against him. With a grin, he wrapped his arm around her. Her fingers in his hair felt wonderful. It had been a long time since anyone had done that to him.

      "Well, I suppose we should enjoy this then," he told her, wondering briefly if he should be worried that he was actually about to allow Lilah to stay with him for the night. Or at least as long as it took before she decided that she'd better leave...or he'd better have her leave. "If you'd like to stay, you're welcome to."

      He looked up, suddenly realizing that he hadn't locked the front door or put up a privacy ward. Fuck it. He couldn't have managed to get up at that moment if he wanted to.

      If Ethan came in, though, he was bloody well going out the window.
      • Lilah couldn't remember the last time she felt this free, and happy. She slung a leg over Rupert's legs and grinned at him. "I think I'll just stay here tonight," she said with a grin. Deep down she knew she shouldn't and that she was getting too close to him, and it could backfire but at that moment she didn't care.

        All she wanted to do was touching him. He smelled so good. Like spice, and Lilah liked spice. She moved closer and licked his neck before giggling again. She pulled herself up to her knees and she moved down his body. When she got to his cock, Lilah leaned over and softly licked the shaft.

        "I've been told I have a really talented mouth," Lilah purred before she sucked Rupert's cock into her mouth. She liked orally pleasuring men but rarely did it. To her, blow jobs were the ultimate act of submission, but once again, she didn't care. She wanted to do this with him. She wanted to please him, and taste him.
        • When Lilah agreed to stay the night, Giles didn't know whether to be elated or worried. He had invited the woman who had sworn to get him to work for her firm to spend the night - he was opening himself up to her, allowing her to get close. It was probably the stupidest mistake he could make in all of this.

          But at the moment, he didn't care at all. He just wanted her there. He enjoyed having her there, even despite what she had done earlier.

          Suddenly he felt her licking his neck, causing a shudder of pleasure to run through his body, the buzz that had been starting to fade beginning to get stronger again. Then she worked her way down his body, and when her tongue ran over his cock, he groaned, his hips bucking up.

          "Who...whoever told you that...was right..." he gasped out, his eyes shutting as he grabbed the duvet. She was amazing, in so many ways. As her mouth and tongue moved over him, causing him to harden, the pleasure started buzzing through him again, throughout all of him at first, then slowly concentrating in his groin.

          "Lilah...so good..." he choked out.

          The buzzing soon contracted down to almost a pinpoint, his balls tightening, his muscles tensing. When she sucked on him a few times, he felt himself hanging, just at the edge of coming. Then her tongue moved over him, and the pleasure exploded, the buzz rushing through his body as he came hard with a shuddering groan.
          • Lilah smirked when Rupert said whoever said she was good with her mouth was right. She wasn't going to tell him that it was a professor, during her first year in college, that had taught her the art of blow jobs. Instead, she continued to suck on him, remembering the technique she'd been taught so many years before.

            Reaching down, she ran her fingers over his balls and was about to pull up when he came in her mouth. Lilah didn't know if it was the magic he did, or the tea he drank, but his come tasted very tart. She slowly swallowed and then climbed up his body like a cat.

            "Don't get used to this, Rupey," Lilah said with raised eyebrows. "Performing oral sex on a man is a sign of weakness, and I'm not weak."

            She pressed her lips against his and kissed him around. Lilah then rolled off him and plopped down on the bed. Her body was still buzzing from the crystal and she didn't think she would be able to leave until morning. Which sucked for her, considering she had a board meeting in an hour.
            • For a moment, Giles was insensate, the buzzing of pleasure in his system overpowering everything else. He had certainly never felt anything like this before.

              When he finally opened his eyes, he found Lilah hovering over him and calling him "Rupey", which made him raise his eyebrows. He certainly never remembered telling her she could call him that. Perhaps he had been too quick to allow her to be on more familiar terms with him.

              "I would never think of you as such," he told her, however, meaning every word. "You're definitely not weak, Lilah."

              When she rolled onto the bed after kissing him, Giles turned on his side and looked over her for a moment. She really was truly gorgeous. He found himself wanting to touch every inch of her to find out what drove her mad. And considering how he felt again following what she had just done, he also wondered what would happen to her if he...

              Leaning over he began pressing kisses to across her skin, down her stomach until he reached her pubic region. He then slipped off the bed, a bit unsteady, and moved in between her legs. As his hands caressed her thighs, he looked up at her for a moment, then leaned in, running his tongue through her warm folds before finding her clit.
              • Lilah smirked, happy that Rupert knew she wasn’t weak. Too many men saw her as such and it pissed her off. Especially Holland and Lindsey. Her mind went to the meeting she was missing. Holland had said he was going to assign a special project tonight. She wanted the project, even if she didn’t what it was. Lindsey didn’t deserve it, she did.

                Her mouth opened but quickly shut when he started to kiss her skin. Energy popped within her and the buzz she felt before started to come back. Lilah moaned and wrapped her fingers in his hair. “God, Rupert,” she hissed as her body relaxed and she started to feel like she was floating again.

                When he moved between her legs, Lilah looked down at him. A groan left her mouth when she felt his tongue move over her folds, and land on her clit. Her hips raised off the bed and she started to move against his mouth. She’d never felt like this before, and she didn’t want the feeling to end.

                “Rupert…” Lilah moaned as she felt herself start to tighten. Her fingers dug into the bed and her hips bucked up. Letting out a strangled cry, she felt her orgasm come crashing down around her.
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