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Of Dark Magicks

Continued from here Lilah narrowed her eyes as he said the sex…

Of Dark Magicks

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New Def.
Continued from here

Lilah narrowed her eyes as he said the sex was earth-shattering. “It’s not my fault you can’t properly please a woman without using magic. Pathetic old man,” she hissed before stepping away from him. She watched as he dressed, her smirk still in place.

When he broke the spell on the room, and opened the door, she stepped out of it and stopped. “You’ll be working for the firm soon enough. I like to play dirty, and I always get what I want Mister Giles. I’ll make sure you get a nice cubicle,” Lilah happily said as she went back into the den.

Ethan looked at her for a moment and Lilah smiled at him. Maybe Ethan could help her with getting Rupert on her side. She’d have to look into it. But, at the moment, she wanted to go home and take a long, hot shower, and wash the smell of a certain ex-Watcher off her.
  • Lilah smiled when Rupert said he wanted her. "Truth be told, I want you too, Mister Giles," she said as they started to kiss again.

    The energy from the crystal was humming through her body. Her nipples were erect, and her clit continued to throb as if she were about to tumble over the edge and come. Closing her eyes as she fell to the bed, she willed herself not to come because she needed to feel Rupert inside of her.

    She looked down as Rupert did the spell for the condom and she cried out when he thrust into her. Looking down at him, a sheen of sweat covering her chest, Lilah started to move on him, matching him thrust for thrust. The crystal started spin faster, almost burning their hands.

    The pain was pushed down though by the feeling of utopia that Lilah was feeling. It felt as if she was on another plane, even thought she could feel Rupert thrusting inside of her. She'd never felt so free before in her life and she started to realize why people got so addicted to magic and the high it provided.

    When she felt herself tightening up, she moved on him even harder as her legs started to tremble. She cried out loudly as her body started to spasm around his cock. The crystal glowed a brilliant red color as she came hard on him, her entire body shaking violently.
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