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Of Dark Magicks

Continued from here Lilah narrowed her eyes as he said the sex…

Of Dark Magicks

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New Def.
Continued from here

Lilah narrowed her eyes as he said the sex was earth-shattering. “It’s not my fault you can’t properly please a woman without using magic. Pathetic old man,” she hissed before stepping away from him. She watched as he dressed, her smirk still in place.

When he broke the spell on the room, and opened the door, she stepped out of it and stopped. “You’ll be working for the firm soon enough. I like to play dirty, and I always get what I want Mister Giles. I’ll make sure you get a nice cubicle,” Lilah happily said as she went back into the den.

Ethan looked at her for a moment and Lilah smiled at him. Maybe Ethan could help her with getting Rupert on her side. She’d have to look into it. But, at the moment, she wanted to go home and take a long, hot shower, and wash the smell of a certain ex-Watcher off her.
  • When he reached his rooms, Giles picked up the crystal Lilah had given him, rolling it through his hands. Damn her. Damn Ethan. He knew just what the damned bloody plonker had been trying to do - he liked messing with him, especially since he wasn't telling him what exactly had happened between himself and Lilah the night before. But her...

    If she thought that she was going to convince him to join the firm by bringing Jenny's death into this... She had seriously miscalculated. There was no way he was going to give that sort of power of himself to anyone. His pain and grief over Jenny was his own. Allowing the Wolf, Ram and Hart access to that? No. They'd own him if he did, and he wasn't going to allow that to happen.

    When the door opened a few moments later and Lilah entered, however, he wasn't surprised. He wondered how she was going to play what had just happened downstairs. Of course...blame on Ethan. He was a convenient scapegoat, and at the moment, given his anger at him for passing on such personal information, he was more than happy to go with it. At least for the moment.

    "Do you really think I'm going to give anyone that sort of power of me, Miss Morgan?" he asked in a low voice, still rolling the crystal. "You let me kill Angel, yes, it avenges me for her. But do you think I don't know what the firm will then expect of me?"

    He shook his head, narrowing his eyes at her. "My plans when it comes to Angel are my own, and I'll do it my own way. I'd advise you and your firm to stay out of my way when it comes to it."
    • Lilah stood perfectly still as Rupert spoke. She could tell he'd loved Jenny very much, and there was a part of her who wanted to point out how weak he was being in allowing love to cloud his judgment. But, she couldn't because there was a small part of her who knew love existed for some people, just not her. And apparently it had existed for Rupert once, and she couldn't help but to wonder if they would be standing in this room if Jenny were still alive.

      She didn't know and she didn't want to guess either. Her mother had made sure all of Lilah's hopes and dreams were dashed by her mother. As a child it frightened her but now, as an adult, Lilah knew some of what her mother had said was true, and she knew if she would've fallen in love, and married, she wouldn't be where she was today within the firm.

      "I'll convey the message along to my bosses," she finally said as she crossed her arms. "I can't promise they won't kill him before you have the chance to though. They're eager to get rid of him."

      There was nothing else for Lilah to say so she turned toward the door and placed her hand on the handle. "If you have nothing else to discuss with me, then I'll leave you alone. For now," she said, glancing over at him.
      • Giles knew he was probably giving away more than he should have, but Ethan had already made sure that Lilah knew more about him and his past than he ever wanted her to know. He had to draw the line and make sure that she understood it. Jenny was off-limits, and what he did about her death was his own business too.

        "If your bosses get to him before I do, then so be it," he told her with a shrug. He wanted to make him suffer as much as he had made him suffer between murdering Jenny and torturing him, but he wasn't going to tell her that. He had never told Ethan had much Angelus had hurt him physically. That pain was still his own, and he planned to use it.

        As she turned to walk out the door, Giles raised an eyebrow. "What would I discuss with you, Miss Morgan? The weather? Politics?" He laughed as the idea of them sitting down and comparing their respective country's governments. "Perhaps demon handling techniques? I'm sure you have some good ones, being a lawyer."

        Leaning against the couch arm, he shook his head, opening his palm flat with the crystal on it. He concentrated, and it began spinning, refracted light reflecting on the walls. "Goodnight, Miss Morgan."
        • "Politics isn't my department. That department is on the top floor and they're the ones, which decide who the president is going to be. In all honesty, they bore me up there. Bunch of uppity pricks," Lilah said as she continued to stand by the door of the room. "As for the weather, it's hot and muggy. Hell on my hair. Not that you care. And as for demons? I only represent them, not hunt them."

          Lilah continued to stand there, even after Rupert had said goodnight to her. She watched as he spun the crystal in his hand. At least he was enjoying the expensive gift she'd gotten for him. And apparently there was more to it than it being a simple crystal. "That's sort of pretty," she said, looking at the lights on the wall.

          With a small sigh, she stepped into the room again and walked over to him. She placed her hand over the crystal and it stopped. Looking up at him, Lilah moved closer, their lips merely inches apart. "I could stay, you know and we wouldn't have to talk," she murmured before looking down at his lips.
          • At Lilah's comment about the political department at the firm, Giles raised an eyebrow but couldn't say he wasn't surprised. He didn't really care, though. He kept his eyes focused on the crystal.

            Until he felt her move closer, her hand closing over the crystal to stop his movements. Raising his head, he looked at her, face so close, breath so warm. He reached up and raked his hand through her hair before cupping the back of her neck and standing.

            "Off the clock now, are we?" he asked in a low voice. He leaned his head down, his lips hovering above hers for a moment before dipping lower to worry the pulse point on her neck with his tongue and teeth.

            As their hands continued to hold the crystal between them, he slid his other one down over her back to the waistband of her skirt. Pulling her blouse out, he snaked his hand under and began caressing her soft skin while pressing against her.

            The crystal began humming in their hands as he touched her, energy pulsing through his arm and down his body. Moving back slightly, he looked down. The crystal's movement lessened a bit when he did.

            "Interesting," he murmured softly.
            • "Who says I can't spend time with a handsome man while I'm working?" Lilah asked as Giles' lips hovered near hers. Her eyes fluttered shut and she waited for him to kiss. Instead, she felt his mouth on her neck and she groaned as he pressed against her. And when his hand snaked up the back of her shirt, she shuddered.

              The closer they were, the move the crystal hummed. It was sending shockwaves of pleasure through her body. She groaned but it was cut off when Rupert stepped away from her, taking the crystal with him. Opening her eyes, Lilah looked down and saw its spinning had slow.

              "Indeed," she whispered before stepping closer to him.

              Her hand laid on the crystal again and it started to hum as she leaned forward and nipped at his neck. She moved over his jawline, groaning as the crystal started to move faster. When she came to her lips, she stopped and looked him in the eyes as her tongue softly swiped over his bottom lip. The simple act seemed to cause the crystal to light up more. Lilah wanted to kiss him to see what would happen but decided to allow him to make the next move.
              • When they moved closer together and the crystal's humming became stronger, Giles raised an eyebrow in amazement. There was something between them causing this. Was it because she had given him the gift? Did it sense that connection? Or was it something more?

                His eyes closed for a moment when her lips moved over his neck and up his jaw, the energy from the crystal building, going straight to his cock. The pleasure coiled inside him, making him wonder if it was the same for her. Then it spiked when her tongue touched his lip, and he almost jerked, feeling himself harden almost painfully.

                His eyes locked with hers, their hands holding the crystal between them. Before he knew what he was doing, his lips were on hers, hard and passionate. He pulled her against him as the crystal's energy spiked to its highest level yet, causing his cock to throb though he was able to control himself from coming.

                He wanted to know what it would be like to be inside her while they held the crystal. Breaking the kiss, he drew her away from the couch and toward the bedroom.
                • When Rupert started to kiss her, Lilah moaned. The energy from the crystal ran through her body. She felt the heat rise between her legs and she started to tremble, her body wanting to fall over the edge and come. But, before she could, he broke the kiss and she look at him as she panted. And when he pulled her toward the bedroom, she willingly went.

                  Once inside, Lilah pulled her hand away and started to pull off her clothes. There was no time for playing. She needed to feel him inside of her. As she pulled down her panties, she reached over and grabbed his free hand. Lilah pressed it against her wet folds and looked him in the eye.

                  "See what you do to me, Mister Giles?" she asked, barely above a whisper. "Not many men can get that sort of reaction out of me. Does it make you want me more?" With a small smirk, she grabbed the crystal again and slowly pressed her lips against his as she slipped her tongue into his mouth and pressed against him.
                  • Standing in his room, Giles watched as Lilah began to pull off her clothes. She truly was beautiful, her self-assurance as sexy as the curves of her body. None of those girls downstairs that Ethan whored with could ever compare to her, that much was obvious.

                    He had just removed his own clothes when Lilah took his hand and pressed it into her folds so he could feel just how wet and warm she was. And he had caused it in her. Well, it seemed they had caused it together as he hadn't done anything to the crystal to set it off.

                    "At the risk of giving you more ammunition against me, Miss Morgan, I don't think I could ever want you more than I do right now - which is to say, I want you desperately," he told her as he began rubbing her clit with his finger.

                    Suddenly, she was up against him, his cock rubbing against her thigh, their lips pressed together, as their hands held the crystal, which began to vibrate almost violently. As the kiss deepened, they stumbled back to the bed, Giles pulling Lilah down over him. With just enough presence of mind, he broke the kiss just long enough to mutter the spell for the condom. Once it had appeared, he then wrapped his free arm around her, moving her into position over his cock. With a quick, deep thrust, he was inside her, and the crystal's energy suddenly changed, its pulse matching his thrusts as he began bucking his hips up into her. He groaned as the pleasure from the pulses and the friction of their shagging began building down at the base of his spine.
                    • Lilah smiled when Rupert said he wanted her. "Truth be told, I want you too, Mister Giles," she said as they started to kiss again.

                      The energy from the crystal was humming through her body. Her nipples were erect, and her clit continued to throb as if she were about to tumble over the edge and come. Closing her eyes as she fell to the bed, she willed herself not to come because she needed to feel Rupert inside of her.

                      She looked down as Rupert did the spell for the condom and she cried out when he thrust into her. Looking down at him, a sheen of sweat covering her chest, Lilah started to move on him, matching him thrust for thrust. The crystal started spin faster, almost burning their hands.

                      The pain was pushed down though by the feeling of utopia that Lilah was feeling. It felt as if she was on another plane, even thought she could feel Rupert thrusting inside of her. She'd never felt so free before in her life and she started to realize why people got so addicted to magic and the high it provided.

                      When she felt herself tightening up, she moved on him even harder as her legs started to tremble. She cried out loudly as her body started to spasm around his cock. The crystal glowed a brilliant red color as she came hard on him, her entire body shaking violently.
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