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Of Dark Magicks

Contunued from here As Rupert spoke to Faith, Lilah listened as…

Of Dark Magicks

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New Def.
Contunued from here

As Rupert spoke to Faith, Lilah listened as she kept her fingers wrapped around Wesley's wrist. Figured Lindsey would hire someone unstable to take Angel out. She would never understand what he was thinking half the time. When you hired someone to kill, you made sure they weren't emotionally unstable, with wasteful dreams of having friends and a family.

She watched as Rupert used magic to put Faith to sleep. She looked at the Slayer for a moment as Rupert told her they needed to find another room for Wesley. Nodding, Lilah knew if Wes found out what they had planned, he would run back and tell Angel. What was it with the vampire always praying on the weak? And it was obvious Wesley was weak from just how he was standing there, whimpering.

"There's a bedroom. I'll take him in there," she said as she tugged on the rope she left on Wesley. She didn't know him and didn't know if he could be trust so for the time being, he was going to be led around like a dog.

Pushing the bedroom door open, she took him over to a chair and forced him down. He whimpered in pain as she tied him down. With a smirk, she ran the barrel of her gun over his neck. "Behave. Rupert and I have some adult things to take care of," she told him.

"If Angel finds out..."

"He won't because you won't be there to tell him," Lilah coolly said. She almost laughed as fear flickered in Wesley's eyes. She really hoped Rupert kept the other man around. Lilah wanted to see how far she could break him.

After shutting the door behind her, Lilah walked over and stood beside Rupert. "Wesley's taken care of for the time being. What are we going to do with sleeping beauty?" she asked as she motioned toward Faith.
  • Giles mimicked Lilah's glare, narrowing his eyes as well as he stood back. If she had wanted help, she should have asked for it. He didn't know if he might be getting in the way by trying to do something. However, he didn't say anything else, just watching as she finished up, giving Wesley a pain pill and making sure he was secured and wouldn't be going anywhere.

    Once he was asleep, he opened his mouth to say something, but Lilah grabbed him, her fingernails biting into him, causing pain to shoot up his arm. He hissed as she practically yanked him out of the room, telling him off for how he had spoken to him. When she let him go, he pulled away, rubbing his arm.

    "I wasn't trying to speak down to you," he told her, his voice low. "This--that spirit had a lot of dark energy, and I'm finding it difficult to work through the taint it caused on my magic. It's making me feel...not myself. Secondly..."

    He trapped her against the wall with his arms on either side of the wall, staring into her eyes. "I'm not a mind reader, so I don't know if my help is going to be welcome or not. If you want my help, just ask. I'm not going to think any less of you, and I'm not going to see you as weak if you do. I'm not that bloody firm of yours."
    • Lilah kept her stance and stared at Rupert, wondering what he was going to do next. She wasn't about to let him get away with his attitude, no matter what he said. When he mentioned the magic, she rolled her eyes as he pinned her against the wall. "Can't you just admit you were being an ass instead of making excuses?" she asked.

      Perking a brow, Lilah wrapped her hands around his arms and quickly turned him around so he was pinned against the wall. She pressed against him with her body and looked in his eyes. "I didn't need your help. You were the one who sniped at me, asking if I was almost finished. If you were in such a rush, then you could've helped me instead of reliving memories of Angel with Wesley," she said in a low voice.

      She pressed her hip against his groin and rubbed a little. "And, if the magic is affecting you that much, then maybe you should find a room to sleep in, instead of being a jerk," she said, her lips hovering near his.

      Lilah then released him and stepped back before smirking.
      • "I didn't snipe," Giles told Lilah, biting back a groan at the feel of her body pressed against him when she reversed their positions. "If I was sniping, you'd know. I just wanted to know if you were finished. You answered my question."

        When she rubbed against him, he wanted nothing more than to take her right then and there. Especially with her lips so close and her body so warm, and the magic still buzzing through him, whispering dark and delicious things to him. But instead, she just released him and moved away.

        "I think a room to sleep in would be a very good idea," he growled. Grabbing her, he pinned her against the wall again, kissing her hard. He reached out and opened the closest door, one of the other suites and pulled her inside with him, kicking the door closed behind them.

        "I actually think you're affecting me more than the magic," he told her before kissing her again.
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