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Of Dark Magicks

Contunued from here As Rupert spoke to Faith, Lilah listened as…

Of Dark Magicks

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New Def.
Contunued from here

As Rupert spoke to Faith, Lilah listened as she kept her fingers wrapped around Wesley's wrist. Figured Lindsey would hire someone unstable to take Angel out. She would never understand what he was thinking half the time. When you hired someone to kill, you made sure they weren't emotionally unstable, with wasteful dreams of having friends and a family.

She watched as Rupert used magic to put Faith to sleep. She looked at the Slayer for a moment as Rupert told her they needed to find another room for Wesley. Nodding, Lilah knew if Wes found out what they had planned, he would run back and tell Angel. What was it with the vampire always praying on the weak? And it was obvious Wesley was weak from just how he was standing there, whimpering.

"There's a bedroom. I'll take him in there," she said as she tugged on the rope she left on Wesley. She didn't know him and didn't know if he could be trust so for the time being, he was going to be led around like a dog.

Pushing the bedroom door open, she took him over to a chair and forced him down. He whimpered in pain as she tied him down. With a smirk, she ran the barrel of her gun over his neck. "Behave. Rupert and I have some adult things to take care of," she told him.

"If Angel finds out..."

"He won't because you won't be there to tell him," Lilah coolly said. She almost laughed as fear flickered in Wesley's eyes. She really hoped Rupert kept the other man around. Lilah wanted to see how far she could break him.

After shutting the door behind her, Lilah walked over and stood beside Rupert. "Wesley's taken care of for the time being. What are we going to do with sleeping beauty?" she asked as she motioned toward Faith.
  • As Rupert weave his web of lies for Faith, Lilah pulled at the envelope, which held the files on Lindsey. They were so close to getting what they wanted. Soon both the Slayer and Lilah's weasel of a partner would be behind bars. She could really care less about Faith but she wanted Lindsey to pay.

    "I can't," Faith suddenly said after Rupert told her what she needed to do. "I can't or they'll kill me."

    "Believe me," Lilah said, walking over to the Slayer. "They won't kill you. A few years in prison is all you'll get."

    Faith gave Lilah a disbelieving look. "How do you know?" she asked.

    "Because you're going to give them these," Lilah said, waving the envelope about. She could see the questioning look Faith had and decided to explain it better. "These are papers incriminating someone. When you get to the police station, you give these papers to them. I'll send a lawyer over and he'll help you plead down. It's really simple, Faith."

    The Slayer was silent for a moment, her eyes darting from Lilah to Rupert. Finally she spoke. "I'll do it," she said in a defeated voice. "I-I'll turn myself in and give those paper to the cops. But, what about Wes?"

    "Don't worry about him," Lilah said She walked over to where Faith was sitting and dropped the envelope on her lap. "We'll make sure he gets medical attention."
    • Lilah was good. She was so very, very good. Between the two of them, they were getting Faith - the naughty, bad Slayer, as Willow had called her - to do exactly what they wanted her too. With her out of the way, Angel would be open for them to get to. And with those papers in her hand, that prat that tried to hurt Lilah would be out of the way too.

      "That's a good girl," Giles said, easing up on his grip and pulling back a bit. He nodded when Lilah said they'd get help for Wesley. "He'll be looked after, and we'll be sure he won't say anything about what happened here tonight. But, Faith, there's one more thing."

      She looked up at him, defeat and exhaustion in her eyes. The serum did have that effect on people, he knew, remembering how Buffy had looked at him the same way. For a moment, he felt a twinge of guilt, but he pushed it down. This had to be done. "When they ask you where those papers came from, you need to say you found them in his office and decided you needed to turn them in when you saw what they contained."

      "But--she gave them--why?" she asked, her voice cracking slightly.

      "Because it would sound better if you were the one that found them and decided to turn him in. It'll go a long way to helping your case if they think you acted alone on your own conscience."

      She nodded, and he gave her a smile and helped her out of the chair, steadying her for a moment. "Good. Come on. You'll need to go on your own."

      "Better if I go on my own," she whispered.

      "Yes. You'll do fine."

      Giles walked her to the door and watched as Faith headed out, disappearing down the stairs. Once she was gone, he turned back to Lilah. "That was quite brilliant, if I do say so myself. Now...where's Wesley? We need to decide what we're going to do with him."
      • Lilah was glad when Faith stood from the chair. It meant they were one step closer to getting rid of her. Without her around, things would go much smoother. And, as she walked out of the door, Lilah grinned. "We make a wonderful team," she said with a smile. "I have a contact at the police department who will be calling as soon as Faith shows up."

        At Rupert's question, Lilah went back into the bedroom, where Wes had started to doze off. "We got rid of her. Now it's time to get you cleaned up," she said, pulling Wesley up by the rope.

        "Need to go back to Angel," he murmured.

        "No. Angel isn't around so we're going to take care of you. Find a nice place to go and clean you up," Lilah said as she helped him walk out into the main room. "I think we should take him somewhere. I'm afraid he'll run off to Angel if we let him go."

        Wesley struggled against the rope and looked to Rupert. "Why are you doing this? What did you do to Faith?" he asked.
        • "We rather do," Giles agreed when Lilah said they made a good team. He hadn't even felt this much trust in Ethan when they had worked together in London when they had been younger. Perhaps because he knew that Lilah understood when it was time to look out for one's own self and when it was time to do what was necessary for the team. Ethan never had.

          While Lilah went into the bedroom to get Wesley, he considered for a moment what they were going to do with him. Letting him just go back to Angel was out of the question. He'd tell him what happened, and that would put both their plan with Faith and Lindsey and for Angel at risk.

          When she came out, leading Wesley by the rope, like a dog on a leash, it reminded him a bit of how he had acted around his father at the Council. And as that though crossed his mind, a plan started to form. He nodded at Lilah, pleased that she was thinking along the same lines as he. Another reason they made a good team.

          "We didn't do anything to Faith other than finally stop her," Giles told Wesley, crossing his arms. "Something that you were quite unable to do as her Watcher, I might add. So you don't need to worry about her. Unless, of course, you'd prefer that we let her come back and finish the job she was doing on you."

          Reaching down, he picked up the piece of glass Faith had been using to cut him, watching Wesley visibly cringe. Shaking his head, he tossed the glass away.

          "Come on. We need to find some place quiet, so we can...help Wesley here."

          Once they were in the car with Wesley secured in the back seat, Giles started driving around. After a bit, he stopped in front of a building, looking up at it. It was rather big and looked empty. Which would be just right for their purposes.

          "Lilah, do you recognize this place? Know anything about it?"
          • Lilah saw the look of discontent on Wesley's face when Rupert made his comment his Watcher skills. It would seem that was a sore spot with Wes and Lilah wondered if Rupert had seen it, too. They would need something to keep Wesley in line since him going back to Angel was no longer an option.

            Leading Wesley down to the car, Lilah put him into the back seat, watching as he winced at the movements. A small part of her felt sorry for him. He hadn't asked to be tortured, much like she hadn't asked to be attacked by a demon. The more Lilah thought about it, the more upset she became with the firm. Maybe it wasn't the best place for her.

            She was thinking about the firm when she felt the car slow to a stop. Looking up at Rupert's question, she turned her head and looked at the building before nodding. "It's the old Hyperion Hotel," she started to explain. "It was a hot spot back in the twenties and thirties. A lot of writers, actors, actresses, and politicians stayed there."

            Lilah trailed off and looked over at Rupert. "It became famous for how many people died there. Some were homicides, while others were suicides. The firm won't touch it for some reason. I'm not sure why, though."
            • Giles glanced back at Wesley. It was such a pity - the boy could have been a great Watcher if only his father hadn't rubbed it out of him by forcing him to abide solely by the book. How Roger Wyndam-Pryce had got as much clout and respect as he had in the Council was beyond him.

              Perhaps he could change some of that. Wesley did have potential, after all - he remembered hearing about his aptitude for magic and languages. It just needed to be polished, allowed to shine. Not squelched the way Roger had done.

              Turning his attention back to Lilah, he nodded as she explained about the hotel they had found. Again, another person whose potential was squandered, simply because she didn't play by the rules. A firm like Wolfram and Hart should have encouraged such things, encouraged the creativity. They had her loyalty - they shouldn't have needed her to prove it every moment.

              "Hot spot, hmmm?" he asked as he leaned forward and looked at the building. He closed his eyes for a moment and concentrated. There was something there. The place was teeming with magic and energy, but there was something dark there as well. He turned around to Wesley. "What do you sense?"

              "What--I don't--."

              "I know your father despises the use of magic and all but tried to stamp it out of you, but all Watchers are taught to sense it and use a bit. Concentrate. What do you sense?"

              Wesley took a deep breath and shut his eyes, shaking a bit from his injuries as he concentrated. "A lot of magic. And energy. Dark energy."

              Giles smiled. "Good. There's hope for you yet." He turned to Lilah. "This place will suit our needs, but we're going to have to do a bit of a clean-up, I think."
              • As Rupert asked Wesley what he felt in the building, Lilah crossed her arms and looked up at the hotel. She had always wondered why the firm never wanted to touch it. It was a nice building and in a good location. People loved the old buildings in Los Angeles, especially those in what was considered 'Old Hollywood'.

                Her questions seemed to be answered when Wesley said there was dark energy inside of it, and Rupert confirmed his findings. That explained a lot. Even though the Senior Partners liked dark things, they didn't like having to deal with it if it was already there. They rather cause their own chaos.

                "Clean-up? I don't clean. I have a maid for that," Lilah snarkily said.

                "He means cleaning out the energy," Wesley tiredly said.

                Lilah perked her eyebrow and looked back at Wes, amused that he was slowly getting his backbone back. "I don't do that kind of cleaning either," she said, her arms crossed. "But, if you're going to do it, then you better find a way to break those chains on the gate and the locks on the doors."
                • Giles was rather amused when Wesley beat him to explaining to Lilah what sort of clean up he meant. He glanced over at her, a smile turning up his lips. "I believe I can handle it," he told her. "If you'd bring Wesley along?"

                  Getting out of the car, Giles went around to the boot and pulled out a couple of items that he'd never taken out after he and Ethan had come down to Los Angeles before heading up the hotel walkway. The chains and locks were taken care of in short order, and soon they were standing inside the lobby. Giles closed his eyes - the dark energy was much stronger in here.

                  And there was something else...

                  With the help of the candle and rod he had brought in, he was able to pinpoint the source of the energy - an old woman in a bed in one of the rooms. When Giles saw her, he immediately understood. She was feeding the spirit that inhabited this hotel. She looked up at them, begging them to kill her, release her. Sitting down on the bed, Giles reached out and touched her forehead. She had obviously been held for years, had been subject to much torture. As painlessly as possible, he ended her pain.

                  Which, as expected, brought out the malevolent spirit. Giles placed the rod to the candle flame and spoke several words, causing the heat to be channeled through the rod and into the spirit. After a few moments, it was burned from existence, leaving the hotel quiet and empty.

                  "It's gone," Giles said, sitting down for a moment, feeling both buzzed from the magic and drained. "We need to find a room for Wesley so he can rest."
                  • Lilah just raised an eyebrow when Rupert told her he could take care of the dark energy in the hotel. She had never been one to cast spells and had only helped a few times to keep in good standing with the firm. The only time she seemed to like magic was when Rupert was the caster.

                    With a nod, she got out of the car and helped Wesley out of the back seat. She didn't trust him so while Rupert went to take care of the problem, she sat down in the lobby with Wesley and waited until Rupert was finished.

                    "The energy is gone," Wesley commented before Rupert came back down.

                    Lilah looked over at Wesley nodded. "I saw a first aid kit in your car and some clothes. I'll go get them and we can place him in a room after I've cleaned him up a little. He smells like sweat and blood," she said, wrinkling her nose.

                    Once she'd gotten the supplies, Lilah cam back in and helped Rupert find a large suite to place Wesley in. She helped him down on a bed and started to take off his shirt. Underneath were several cuts and bruises. "Faith really didn't like you, did she?" she asked as she started to clean the cuts and put dressing on them.

                    "Not many many people do," Wesley quietly said as he glanced over at Rupert. "I tend to rub them the wrong way."

                    Lilah merely nodded and continued to undress Wesley and clean him up.
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