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Of Dark Magicks

Continued from here. When Lilah jerked the door open, Giles…

Of Dark Magicks

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Me - Say What?
Continued from here.

When Lilah jerked the door open, Giles stepped back, taking in her appearance. Car trouble? Car trouble didn't usually involve blood on one's clothes and puffy eyes. And besides that, if she was spying on him, why would she come into the place she was trying to spy on. Didn't exactly keep what she was doing quiet by walking right in.

Whatever was going on, though, she obviously didn't want to admit to the truth. When she tired to walk past him, apparently making as though she was going to leave, Giles stood aside. He wasn't going to add to whatever was going on by snarking at her. It wasn't worth it.

And apparently was the right decision because she suddenly turned around and gave him the information he had been trying to verify though he had been pretty certain - Wolfram and Hart had hired Faith to kill Angel. And in exchange, they'd get the murder charges against her dropped.

It really was rather pedestrian. Of course, dealing with a Slayer could be difficult, but lucky for him, he knew ways to deal with Slayers that he was sure Wolfram and Hart didn't. Of course, the question is, did he want to stop Faith or let her take her shot? Perhaps he should do what he had been trained to do - watch her for a bit and make his decision.

Shaking his head, he crossed his arms and looked at Lilah. She had mentioned the names of two people before she had told him what was going on. He wondered exactly what they might have done to make her throw over her beloved firm, the one she had been so eager to get him to join. Then he noticed that her lip was starting to swell.

Wolfram and Hart really had no creativity at all. Hitting a woman? Hitting anyone for that matter? How utterly pathetic.

"I have some ice upstairs if you'd like to put some on your lip," he told her, pointing toward the steps before taking a few steps and stopping. "I promise no magic. Unless you'd like me to use it."
  • Lilah looked at Rupert as said he had ice and started to walk away. She was tempted to ask for magic because she didn't want to go back to the firm like this. Not with a swollen lips and puffy eyes. Holland and Lindsey would have her for lunch if they saw how upsetting it was. "Ice...I guess," she murmured as she followed him at the steps.

    When they got to the apartment, Lilah slipped past him and went to sit on the couch. Opening her purse, she looked through it until she found her small compact mirror. She opened it and looked at her lip and sighed. When she signed her contract with the firm, beatings from random demons wasn't in the fine print. Snapping the mirror shut, she threw it back in her purse.

    "They sent a demon after me. Told me to go to this alleyway and meet Faith there. She wasn't there. Instead, I was greeted by a demon and this is what happened." She felt stupid for allowing this to happen and hot tears started to sting her eyes again. All Lilah wanted to do was kill the both of them.

    "I-I don't know what's going to happen when I go back to the firm. They'll probably have a good laugh on my behalf," she muttered.
    • While Lilah walked over to sit on the couch, Giles went into the kitchen and pulled out a towel. After dumping some ice from the freezer onto it, he rolled the ends together and took the makeshift pack back out to the lounge. Lilah was looking at herself in a compact mirror, which she through into her handbag when he approached.

      Sitting down next to her, he held the ice up to her mouth, listening as she told him what had happened, confirming what he had suspected. His brow furrowed as a dark expression spread across his face. After a moment, he pulled the ice away and instead held his bare hand up over her lip and jaw.

      "Heilen Sie diese Frau, die verraten worden ist," he muttered.

      A moment later, there was a glow and when he removed his hand, the swelling of her lip had gone down and the bruising that had begun to form had disappeared. He stood up, raising his eyebrow at her.

      "Laugh at what?" he asked as he took the towel back into the kitchen and shook the ice out into the sink.
      • When Rupert placed his hand over her mouth, Lilah shuddered when she felt the energy build up. Her mind flashed to the night before and how much of a high the crystal had given her. She felt the energy run through her body, and she was a little disappointed when it didn't have the same feel as it had the night before. "Thank you," she quietly said when Rupert stood.

        She watched him go to the kitchen and sat back on the couch. Lilah was still upset with what Lindsey and Holland had done and wanted her revenge, But, she knew she wouldn't get it right away. Unknown to most, she had been gathering intel on her peers; recording everything they were doing. She knew a lot of the information would piss off the Senior Partners, but she also knew she needed more before she could even talk to them.

        "Do you know what Lindsey did about a month ago?" She asked, not knowing if Rupert could hear her or not. She didn't care. All she wanted was to tell someone, who wasn't afraid of listening because they didn't want to upset the Senior Partners. "The firm had this powerful client and he asked us to obtain a group of children. Lindsey was put on the project, and instead of doing his job, he ran off and told Angel and they took the kids. And what did he get? A brand new office. I think I'm going to kill the prick when I see him again."
        • Once Giles had finished shaking out the towel, he set it on the counter and then walked back to the lounge, leaning against the doorframe as Lilah told him about Lindsey. His brow furrowed in confusion.

          "You're telling me that this Lindsey bloke went against the wishes of your firm, went to Angel and told them what was planned...and got a new office for it. Yet you miss a meeting...while you're with someone you're trying to lure to the firm...and you get beat up for your troubles?"

          Giles shook his head and pushed himself away from the door frame, walking over to the couch and sitting down next to Lilah, looking at her.

          "Quite a lovely place you work for, Lilah," he told her. "Of course, I'm sure I'm one to talk." He used to work for an organization that had come to view the girls called as Slayers as nothing more than tools to be used and abused as they saw fit. Somehow it seemed that you couldn't trust anyone but yourself when it came down to it.

          Sitting forward, he clasped his hands together between his legs and glanced over at her. "What are you going to do now? Go back?"
          • “Not to sound like a child, but Holland likes Lindsey more than he likes me. He’s always coddling him, and letting him get away with things. The Senior Partners tend to turn a blind eye to it, but I have my own insurance against Holland and Lindsey incase anything happens,” Lilah said as she touched her mouth again. The energy from the spell Rupert had cast was still running through her body.

            When he sat beside her, and asked his question, Lilah smirked. It would seem Rupert didn’t all that much about the firm. “I have to go back. When you go to work at Wolfram and Hart, you sign over your soul. They own you, and if you try to leave, they kill you and your soul goes to their special kind hell.” Looking at home, Lilah shook her head. “But you wouldn’t have to sign anything if you were a freelancer.”

            She didn’t think it mattered anymore. Rupert probably wouldn’t want to work for the firm now. Actually, Lilah didn’t want him getting caught up in the firm. They destroyed her and she didn’t want them doing the same thing to him. “I don’t know what to do,” she whispered
            • Giles raised an eyebrow at Lilah's comment about having "insurance". He shouldn't be surprised, he knew - Lilah was smart, and she had shown herself quite capable of doing what was necessary to take care of herself. She had managed to get Ethan to tell her about--to tell her something about him. He had no doubt he had some rather good information on both men.

              That didn't mean, though, that part of him didn't want to kick Lindsey's and Holland's arses right into the Pacific Ocean.

              As Lilah explained why he had to go back, he nodded, remembering that tidbit of information from his Watcher training. No matter what Holland and Lindsey did to her, she was stuck there. It wasn't like she could just quit and go elsewhere.

              And then she mentioned the idea of freelancing again. He looked over at her, wondering why she had brought that up. Did she want him to be there? To have someone she knew might take her side against those two if it came down to it? Then a rather cynical thought hit him - what if she had set all this up just to get his sympathy and to pull him in?

              Part of him didn't want to believe she would truly do that. If anything, Lilah had been forthright. And there was a look in her eyes... Leaning forward, he found himself cupping her cheek and looking into them. She hadn't set this up.

              "Do what you have to do, no matter what it is," he told her. "And if you need my help with anything - outside the auspices of your firm - I will if it's in my power." He gazed at her and gave her a smile. "Perhaps we can figure out a way to...stick it to Lindsey and Holland?"
              • When Rupert cupped her face, Lilah felt herself pressing into his touch, even though she knew she shouldn't. Getting close to others in this business was dangerous, especially considering what Rupert could do. Lilah wasn't stupid and she knew the firm would pick Rupert over her if the chance ever arose. No wonder her mother had always told her not to get personally involved with anyone. All it did was make a person an easy target.

                "The only way out of my contract is if someone buys me. It's this clause the Senior Partners has put in. It's a good business deal in the end. If a demon, human, or warlock has the money and resources, they can buy an employee out of their contract. It's like being sold into slave hood."

                Lilah didn't know why she was telling Rupert about the buy-outs. Shrugging, she felt herself pulling away from his touch. "We could set Lindsey up. I have information from his computer and it wouldn't be too hard to double cross him. We could make it look like he double crossed the firm, and the Senior Partners. He has a way of getting personally involved, especially if there's a female involved," she explained to Rupert as she remembered the last time Lindsey had done a project. He'd ended up sleeping with the client - who was a demon.

                "It shouldn't be hard. What are you going to do? Wasn't Faith your Slayer at one time?" she asked.
                • When Lilah mentioned that the Senior Partners would sell the souls of their employees if it was in their interests to do so, Giles raised his eyebrows in interest and filed that bit of information away. That would be a good thing to remember, he had a feeling. Especially when it came to Wolfram and Hart and finding chinks in the fortress' armor.

                  Sitting back as she pulled away, he crossed his arms, considering her idea regarding Lindsey. Making it look like he had double-crossed the firm was a very good idea, but how. If the Partners had any whiff that Lilah was involved, he knew that would be it for her. And he didn't want that, no matter who she worked for.

                  Why he cared so much what happened to her, he really had no idea. But he did. Which he was sure was going to lead to trouble down the road.

                  But for now, his mind was working on what they could do to set up Lindsey, especially when she mentioned his tendency to get involved with the females involved in his projects. He cocked an eyebrow at Lilah when she mentioned Faith.

                  "She wasn't ever officially my Slayer, but I was responsible for her for a time. She's erratic...dangerous...unstable and has a desperate need to want to belong." He tapped his finger to his lips for a moment before getting up and going to his room. When he returned a moment later, he held a syringe in his hand, which he showed to Lilah. "Takes away a Slayers powers but only for a time. It was used in a rather barbaric ritual against Slayers, one that Faith managed to avoid, so she has no idea this even exists."

                  He sat down again, this time on the coffee table. "If we can convince Faith that she's lost her abilities, we might be able to get her to the police. She's wanted on several charges, including murder. She could be the one to carry Lindsey's information with her."
                  • As Giles spoke about Faith, Lilah couldn't help but to think of herself when she was younger. Before she'd gotten the job with the firm, she had been a lowly law student, who no one respected. She did a lot of things to get noticed; things that she was ashamed of now. It was one of the things which attracted the firm to her.

                    She was still ruthless, but not as ruthless as she'd been years ago.

                    When Rupert got up from the couch, and returned with the syringe, Lilah perked an eyebrow. It would seem the Council were assholes like the firm. Hurting people to break them and get what they wanted. But when he said they could use Faith to get back at Lindsey, she grinned.

                    "We could convince her that she's being punished for what she's done," Lilah said with a grin. "I could hand her the information and we could convince her if she does the right thing, then she'll be okay again." It was the perfect plan, and Lilah knew it would work.

                    "You're rather smart, Rupert," she said, scooting to the edge of the couch. She leaned forward and deeply kissed him. When she broke the kiss, she smiled and stroked his cheek. "I think we make a good team."
                    • At Lilah's idea that they convince Faith that she had lost her abilities for what she had done, Giles smiled. Very good. He knew a bit about Faith, and knew that the girl placed what self-worth she had in her abilities; it was what let her get so cocky in the first place. Take them away, and she'd feel she was nothing. Plus given that she had never taken an interest in Slayer lore, she would have no way of knowing that what they didn't tell her wasn't true.

                      Such as the idea that bad Slayers were often punished by having their abilities stripped.

                      "I think that would work rather well," he told her, returning her grin. "We'll just have to make sure that she knows not to admit where the papers came from. We don't want it getting back that you were the one to give it to her. But that should be easy enough to do. I should be able to make even her believe that she was the one that found them. Just a few snaps of the fingers..."

                      He let his thought trail off as Lilah scooted forward and leaned forward to kiss him. Bringing his hand up, he tangled it in her hair, enjoying the feel of her lips, the ways she used them. When she finally moved back, he looked into her eyes, wondering when exactly this woman had managed to become so important to him.

                      "I think we do to when we're not at each other's throats," he said with a smirk, trailing his finger down her neck. "I'm finding I much prefer being this way with you..."

                      He tugged her off the couch and over to him so she was straddling his legs. "You're quite beautiful, Lilah," he told her before kissing her again, his hand caressing over her.
                      • Lilah liked it when Rupert tangled his fingers in her hair. She liked it when he touched her too. There had been other lovers, and casual partners before, but there was something different about the man in front of him. First of all, he was smart and he knew her game, yet didn't turn the tables on her and use her tricks against her like so many had done in the past.

                        It was like they were equals. She had never experienced that before and it was a strange feeling. People were either over, or under her at the firm, but Rupert actually listened to her. "But, being at each other's throats keeps us on our toes," she said before Rupert pulled her to his legs.

                        She groaned into the kiss and when they broke apart, she smiled at him. They were about to embark on a project together, and go against the firm. Lilah had been waiting for this day for a long time, and never thought it would come this soon. Hopefully Rupert wouldn't double-cross her.

                        And for some reason, she didn't think he would.

                        "When are you going to start tracking Faith?" she asked as she ran her fingers over his cheeks.
                        • When Lilah smiled, she was probably the most breathtaking woman Giles had ever laid eyes on. Given her life, though, he doubted that smiling - really smiling - was something she did often, and part of him wanted to ensure that she had reason to smile.

                          Like helping her with this little project.

                          Leaning a bit in her the touch of her fingers on his face, he considered her question for a moment. "I think tonight once the sun goes down. Since Angel is a vampire, he's more likely to do his work at night, and as a Slayer, Faith is more used to tracking her prey after dark. We can go back to where Angel lives and go from there. I know a couple of tracking spells, so even if she's not there, I can follow the trail she left earlier in the day."

                          Reaching up, he tapped his finger against her lips and smiled at her. "I have a feeling that she'll be there, though." He raised an eyebrow at her. "We should have everything with us in case we're able to make our move on her tonight. Where are the documents? Do you need to go somewhere to get them? We could meet a bit later? Or...if you trust me enough...I could go with you."
                          • Lilah listened to Rupert's plan for Faith. It made sense that the Slayer would be out at night since it was when Angel was out, saving the world from all the evils. Never mind he was once evil himself and killed hundreds of people. It was one of the things that Lilah found amusing about Angel, especially when he was giving his speeches about good and evil.

                            "The documents are in my car," Lilah said as she moved her fingers through Rupert's hair. "I have a powerful ward on them so only I can touch them. Well, others can try but they'll lose their fingers if they do." She smiled and ran her fingers down his neck. "We'll get them out when we're ready to leave. I don't want to bring them up here for others to see, or touch."

                            She was referring to Ethan and was sure Rupert knew it. After what the other man had set her up for the day before, Lilah wanted to take a club and beat his skull in. Maybe someday she would, but right now she was too busy with the man in front of her.

                            "We still have about an hour or two of daylight left," Lilah murmured before she leaned forward and pressed her lips against Rupert's neck. She knew she shouldn't be doing this. She getting too close to him, and she was starting to feel things for him, but she couldn't help herself. "Anything you want to do before we leave?"
                            • Giles raised an eyebrow when Lilah explained that the documents were in her car, under ward. Of course. She wouldn't want them far from her at any time, but she would want them protected. She was smart.

                              And he didn't blame her for not wanting to bring them inside. Ethan was certainly not to be trusted with anything, especially not papers that could be responsible for getting a lawyer for the most notorious firm in the demonic world in trouble.

                              "Very good idea," he told her just before she started kissing his neck. "And there's several things I can think of that I'd like to do before we leave. Not sure if we have time, though."

                              He smiled instead and drew his finger up her sides to her breast, cupping them through the fabric of her blouse. He was definitely enjoying touching her, feeling her reaction to him. Part of him knew he should still be weary of her, but there was something about her that just drew him to her.

                              "Why don't we just start with this and see where we go in the next couple of hours," he suggested before nudging her face up to kiss her deeply.
  • Lilah let out a small moaning sound when Rupert softly cupped her breasts. She tried to tell herself to not enjoy it. Rupert was her project, and if she could get him to Wolfram and Hart, then she would get that promotion she had always wanted. All she had to do was use him to get Lindsey in trouble, and then sweet talk him into doing free lance work for the firm. It was as simple as that.

    Yet, she couldn't do it.

    Rupert was much too talented to work for the firm. They would use him, and hide behind him when things became rough. He would become their new golden boy and the Senior Partners would test his loyalty by pushing him to do things he normally wouldn't do. It was how they worked.

    Smiling, she returned his kiss and started to unbutton his shirt. Lilah liked him too much to allow the firm to have him. But, she would never convey that like. She was too good at hiding things, something she had learnt from her mother. "I think that's a good idea," she murmured after they'd broken the kiss. She finished unbuttoning his shirt and ran her hands over his chest.

    Rupert would never know about her growing feelings for him.
    • "Mmmmm," Giles hummed as Lilah's hand ran over his chest.

      He quite liked the way her touch was so confident - no worry about whether she should or shouldn't be doing something, no timidity. He swiped his thumbs over her nipples before he opened her shirt and leaned down to nuzzle her nipples through the silky material of her bra.

      He had met girls who tried to be like her, filled with false bravado and confidence, trying to pretend that they knew what they were doing. But Lilah...oh, Lilah was the real thing. And she was being wasted at that damn firm, being forced to be lapdog and taking scraps from the "Senior Partners". She was better than that. She could be so much more than they'd ever allow her to be.

      Somehow, he decided, he'd figure out a way to let her be.

      As he pushed her bra up and started running his tongue around her areole, his hand trailed down over her skirt and up under the hem. His fingers caressed the soft skin of her thighs until reaching her panties, where - with a smirk - he pushed them aside, delving into her warm folds. Finding her clit, he started rubbing it in tight circles.
      • Rupert had a way of making Lilah forget everything when he touched her. If she was naive, she might think he was using magic on her, but she knew he wasn't. There wasn't the energy that went with magic use. It was all Rupert, and his talented hands and mouth. She could easily get used to this - if she allowed herself to. But, with Lilah, such luxuries always came with a price and she was all but waiting for the other shoe to fall.

        When his mouth found her sensitive nipples, she groaned and arched her back. Her troubles with Wolfram and Hart, and Lindsey, were all but forgotten, especially when his fingers found her clit. With a gasp, she started to fuck his hand as one of her own tangled with his hair and slightly pulled. Her free one move down his chest and to the top of his trousers.

        With sureness, Lilah unbuttoned them and pushed the zipper down without any problems. Her hand sought out his erection, and when it was found, she wrapped her hand around the heated flesh and started to stroke him as firmly as she could without hurting him. Her thumb pressed against the tip a few times and she swirled his pre-cum around, making it glisten with the wetness.

        Lilah could feel herself tighten, but she didn't want to come this way. "I need you," she whimpered, not hearing the words as they fell from her mouth. Lilah Morgan liked to pretend she didn't need anyone. "Need you to fuck me, Rupert. Please."
        • The way Lilah moved against him, the sounds she made - they all served to arouse Giles further. So much so that when she opened his trousers and pulled his cock out, it was rather a relief. He much preferred the feel of her hand stroking him over the feel of fabric keeping him trapped.

          Soon, they were moving together in each other's holds, pressed together on the coffee table. Giles could feel the pleasure coiling deep in his spine, but as much as he enjoyed this, he found that he much more wanted to be inside Lilah when he came. So when she started begging, he didn't need much convincing.

          Gathering her into his arms, he rose from the table and took her into the bedroom. Quickly, he got rid of both of their clothes, anything that would keep him from feeling her soft skin, then did the spell for the condom. With a smile, he leaned over her, nudging her legs apart and positioning himself at her entrance.

          "You're quite beautiful, you know that," he told her before leaning down to ran his tongue along her jawline as he pushed into her. After a few moments, he started fucking her with long, hard thrusts.
          • Lilah was glad she didn't have to ask Rupert twice to get him to fuck her. Begging once was okay, but anything about that sounded desperate. Even though she did want it. It was part of the game they were playing. Maybe someday they would stop, maybe not. At the moment it didn't matter to her. If he wanted some sort of relationship with her, there was a chance Lilah could change her rules for him.

            As he was pulling her clothes off, Lilah groaned in anticipation. She watched as he took his own clothes off, her eyes ticking over him in appreciation. Rupert wasn't built like some of the younger men she'd had, but it didn't bother Lilah. His body was worn, and to her that equaled experience. Much, much better than some college kid, who came within a minute of penetration.

            "And you're pretty handsome yourself, Rupert," Lilah said as her legs automatically wrapped around his waist to pull him closer. When he pressed inside of her, she clenched his cock with her muscle and used her legs to pull him further in. Her hips rose and fell with each stroke, the friction on her clit driving her crazy.

            "You're an amazing fuck, Rupert," she moaned. Her fingers dug into his back and her head lulled against the pillow. "Harder...please."
            • Giles groaned in apreciation as Lilah's long legs wrapped around him. He could feel himself moving deeper inside her, and it felt bloody wonderful, especially when her muscles contracted around him. She was probably the most confidant lover he had ever been with - she knew what she could do to men, and she wasn't afraid to use that to her advantage.

              Most men didn't like strong women like Lilah, but Giles did. Not only was her confidence arousing, but it made for a great shag. He was certainly finding more and more that he wanted her around for a long time.

              Obviously, she was quite enjoying what they were doing to, and he found himself smiling against the skin of her collarbone at her words. Those and the pain that lanced through his spine from her fingers urged him on, so he sped up his thrusts, snapping his hips into her roughly. He could feel himself starting to tighten up, and for once, he didn't want this to be a contest between them.

              Reaching down between them, he started rubbing her clit as he continued to pound into her, perspiration rolling down his temple. "Want you...to come with me," he managed to push out as his cock started to throb in anticipation of his release. "Please, Lilah."
              • This was what Lilah liked and was accustomed to. From the moment she lost her virginity to then, sex had been about the roughness. There was never anything romantic or loving about. She would get fucked, get dressed and leave. Sometimes, if the man wanted to see her again, they would send her something expensive. Nine out of ten times the first ended up in the trash can or a Christmas gift for her assistant.

                As Rupert pounded into her, Lilah couldn't help but to wonder what it would be like to make love with him. Had he ever made love to someone, or was it only about sex with him? It was obvious he'd cared about Jenny a great deal, and she couldn't help but to question if he would ever fell the same way for her. Biting back a bitter laugh, Lilah knew Rupert would never love her. She wasn't the type of woman you mapped out a future with. Men just fucked her and moved on. It was the way her life had always been, and always will be.

                When he started to rub her clit, Lilah was brought out of her thoughts as her body started to tighten up. He wanted to take her over the edge with him, and it dawned on her this would be the closest they ever got to making love. With a strangle cry, she felt her tightness clench around Rupert's cock as her orgasm crashed over her. She pulled him closer as sweat ran down her body.
                • When Lilah spasmed around him, the pleasure building deep down in Giles exploded, causing him to let out a hoarse cry. Burying himself deeply inside her, he twitched in release. Lilah pulled him more tightly against her, and he was more than happy to oblige, wrapping his arms around her and holding her tightly.

                  Dear god, he had no idea what exactly this was between the two of them, but he did know that whatever it was, it was intense. Much more intense than anything he had ever experienced with anyone before.

                  Taking a deep, shuddering breath, he raised his head to look at her, still uncertain as to where this was going to end up between them. Would she betray him? Would he betray her? He didn't want to think they would, but he knew better than to be anything other than pragmatic about this, even if he was...

                  Was what?

                  He leant down and kissed her deeply, his hand skimming up her side over her slick and soft skin before he had to finally had to pull out of her to get rid of the condom. He glanced over at the clock then smiled at Lilah.

                  "If you'd like, you're welcome to use the shower before we head out in a couple of hours. And I do believe I have some edible food in the kitchen. I could make us something to eat," he offereed her. "I have a feeling it's going to be a long night."
                  • Lilah's arms feel heavily to the bed. She was totally spent and she didn't think she would be able to move for the rest of the night. As Rupert kissed her, she moaned but didn't move. And when he said she could take a shower, Lilah smirked. "I think I can safely say I've been fucked senseless now," she said with a small laugh. "And I think I'll take you up on that shower."

                    When Rupert pulled out of her, Lilah sighed, missing the feel of him inside of her. If they continued down this path, she was going to look into other means of birth control. She was the type of gal who liked to be spontaneous. With a smile, she kissed Rupert again and slipped out of the bed and went toward the bathroom.

                    Turning on the water, Lilah waited for it to warm up before she stepped inside. She stood under the spray for a moment before looking down at the selection of shampoo. She picked up a bottle and smelled it, a smile crossing her face when she realized it was the shampoo Rupert used. She loved the way he smelled.

                    "Christ, pull yourself to together," she muttered to herself when she realized what she was doing. "It's just shampoo. You aren't falling for him. You don't fall for people. It's just a job and nothing else."

                    Shaking her head, Lilah pushed all thoughts of Rupert out of her mind and quickly finished her shower. After the water was turned off, she stepped out and dried herself off before wrapping the towel around her. Stepping out, she glanced at Rupert and went to find her clothes. "Do you know where Faith might be?" she asked as she let the towel fall to the floor so she could slip her bra and panties on.
                    • "Hmmm...quite pleased to be of service," Giles said, returning Lilah's smirk when she said she felt like she had been fucked senseless. It was a rather ego-boosting thing to hear, especially given how the first few times they had done this, they had ended up in arguments afterwards. Lilah was certainly an amazing woman.

                      After they kissed and she went into the bathroom to shower, Giles pulled out a dark pair of trousers and shirt, setting them on the bed. He then slipped on a pair of boxers and went into the kitchen, where he put some water on to boil. Pasta seemed the easiest and quickest thing to make at the moment - they certainly didn't want to be out all night on an empty stomach.

                      When the water started boiling, he put the pasta in and took a jar of sauce out the cupboard, setting it to simmer. Then he returned to the bedroom just as Lilah stepped out, a towel wrapped around her tall, slender frame. He watched in appreciation for a moment when she dropped it so she could dress.

                      "She'll undoubtedly be patrolling the area around Angel's place. I wager we'll find some vamp dust or dead demons. Faith has a tendency to need to burn off her energy. She'll take on whatever she can find," he told her. He went into the bathroom and had a wash, and once he was dried off, he came out to put the clothing he had set out on.

                      "I have some pasta and sauce almost ready," he told her. "We should definitely eat before we head out - I have a feeling it's going to be a long night."
  • "We had his office under surviellence at one time," Lilah said as she pulled her skirt up and buttoned it. "Gm'ek demons. They're supposed to be good at spying on other, which I'm sure you already know. Angel found them and killed them all in a fit of rage." She shrugged her shirt on and then turned to watch Rupert get dressed. He was a beautiful man.

    "Pasta sounds good," Lilah commented as she picked up her shoes and carried them out to the living room. "Even though Angel killed the demons, they did find some information out for us. Wesley stays late - either because he's having some affair with Angel or because he has no life. The girl Cordy inherited the visions. I'm trying to find a way to use them against her."

    After slipping her shoes on, Lilah went over to Rupert and softly cupped his face. "Maybe we can figure something out together," she suggested before giving him a slow, deep kiss.

    She didn't understand what she was doing. Lilah had never really been a team player. Oh, she acted like one at the firm to appease her bosses, but below the surface, she was always scheming against others. Rupert seemed different though and a small part of her was starting to trust him, which was another first for her.

    Breaking the kiss, Lilah stroked his face before pulling back. She didn't know what she was doing and almost wanted to hit him for making her feel this way. Maybe it was nothing and she was getting paranoid for no reason at all. "The sauce smells good," she finally said, breaking the deafening silence.
    • It didn't surprise Giles that Angel had found the demons that Wolfram and Hart had put on him. He might not have liked the wanker, but he did know how to fight, and from what he had seen, Wolfram and Hart's demon lackeys weren't exactly subtle.

      But at least they had got some information. He hadn't known about Cordelia having visions. Interesting. He wondered how a rather shallow young woman like her dealt with knowing the death and destruction that was going to happen. Even after everything she had seen in Sunnydale, she had still been quite self-involved.

      Wrapping his arm around Lilah when moved up against him, he returned her kiss, enjoying the taste of her and the way she felt pressed against him. "I'm sure we could figure out something," he murmured against her lips. Oh, what a team they were going to make. "Just need to find out a bit of information about these visions first. But we'll worry about that later. Faith first."

      They kissed again and when they parted, there was a moment of silence. What had happened between them had been unexpected - somehow they had gone from antagonizing and trying to one-up each other to working together, wanting to be together. When she finally mentioned the sauce, he nodded. "Let's eat then."

      It didn't take them long to eat dinner since it was simple, and once they had finished, they rinsed and placed the dishes in the dishwasher. Giles then grabbed what he needed - the serum and a few weapons, which he discreeted on his person.

      "Shall we?" he asked. Downstairs, he pointed to the car that was quite obviously hers. "Do we want to take your vehicle or would Angel know it? If we want to take mine, we need to get the papers before we go."
      • Lilah followed Rupert down to the alleyway and looked at her car. "It's best if we take yours. Angel knows what I drive, as does Lindsey and Holland. I don't want them seeing me around the hotel. They don't need to know what we're doing until it's too late," she said with a sly smile. "And, yes, I need to get the papers out."

        Taking out her keys, Lilah pressed a button on her keychain and the trunk open. She went over to it and muttered a few words in Latin. A small compartment appeared and Lilah unlocked it. Inside was a thick file and she picked it up and slipped it into her briefcase. "I'm ready," she said before going over to Rupert and his car.

        She got into Rupert's car and pulled her seatbelt over her. "I like to be safe," Lilah muttered as she placed the briefcase on her lap.

        Soon they were pulling up near the hotel. Angel's car wasn't to be seen and she glanced over at Rupert. "Angel is probably out, helping the helpless," she said with a roll of the eyes. If Rupert didn't plan on staking Angel, then she was. She wasn't like Lindsey, who seemed to be in love with him, and she hadn't the vampire.

        Reaching over, she ran her fingernails over Rupert's neck. "When you kill Angel, can I watch?" she asked.
        • When Lilah said that they should take his car, Giles nodded. He had got a new--well, newish one since Angel had left Sunnydale, so he most likely wouldn't recognize it. And the longer they kept the brooding vampire of the soul and his band of merry misfits from knowing what they were doing, the better. They needed time to find out more once they took Faith out of the picture.

          Standing back slightly, he watched her open the trunk and retrieve the file, rather impressed by security she had used. He wondered where she had learned that little trick. Wherever she had, she was obviously quite resourceful. He liked that in a woman. Nodding when she said she was ready, they got into the car, a slight smirk crossing his face - the idiosyncrasies of people in their line of work never ceased to amuse him.

          "Don't worry," he said, grabbing his own belt. "Same here."

          When they reached the hotel, Giles leaned forward over the steering wheel and looked at the building. Sure enough, it appeared that the place was currently deserted, which meant that Faith probably had gone wherever Angel had. He had just started ticking over options in his mind when he felt Lilah's fingernails draw down his neck, causing him to shudder slightly. Turning to look at her, he gave her a smile.

          "Of course," he told her in a low voice. He rather liked the idea of Angel seeing them together right before he died. "I want you to be there."

          He was about to lean over to kiss her when movement caught his eyes. Sitting back, he looked over as a female figure exiting the building. She jumped down the steps and into the light of the streetlamp before heading over to a car parked down the street.

          "Well, look who decided to pay a visit to the empty nest," he said. "Hello there, Faith. Guess she just figured out that no one's around. Shall we follow?"

          Starting the car again, he pulled out, keeping Faith's car in view as they headed into a rather seedy part of town.
          • Lilah gave Rupert a sly smile as he leaned forward to kiss her. Before their lips connected, he pulled back and she turned her head to see Faith was coming out of the hotel. Following Giles' lead, Lilah leaned back in the seat and watched. "Maybe she's coming back to the scene of the crime," she said as she watched Faith get into a car.

            When Rupert started to follow Faith, Lilah kept her eyes out for anything out of the ordinary. She furrowed her brow when she noticed Faith was taking them toward one of the newer parts of the city. There were several developments and condos out there. Something had to be up if Faith was going out there.

            "I wonder what she's doing?" Lilah asked as glanced over at Rupert. "I can't even afford a house or condo out here. I wonder if she met some rich sucker in a bar."

            Faith parked her car in front of one of the condo complexes and got out. Lilah looked up at it and shook her head. It was the same complex one of the firm's clients owned and she knew it wasn't cheap. She looked at Rupert again before watching Faith go inside. "There's no chance the firm gave her enough money to stay here. I know for a fact she only got paid half of what they were going to give her," she said.

            She looked toward the building and saw Faith's silhouette in one of the windows. Lilah then noticed someone else in the condo. It looked like they were sitting in a chair. "Looks like she's has company," she commented as she waved her hand toward the building.
            • Giles had expected they would stop in the rather seedy part of town, so when Faith continued through and they ended up in what looked to be a rather well-to-do area, he was quite surprised. He couldn't have imagined that she had found someone to put her up - not so soon after finding out that the Mayor was gone. From what he understood, those two had a very...special relationship, something Faith had latched onto very tightly. And she didn't trust many people.

              When they ended up in front of a very expensive looking building, he ducked down to look up. "She's not staying here legally," he told Lilah. "Faith has a very straightforward way of living - 'Want, take, have.' I do believe that's at work here."

              And Lilah was right, there was someone else in the condo with him. That was going to make this a bit more difficult, but he figured that he could deal with that once they had deal with Faith. He knew several spells that could make a person forget, for instance.

              "Probably her latest conquest. Faith's Slayer appetites are quite closely tied into her sexual ones." Getting out of the car, he indicated that she should follow him, and they headed into the building and up the stairs, making sure that no one saw them.

              When they reached the floor they had seen Faith on, Giles pressed his ear to the door. He could hear Faith's voice, followed by some moaning. Sounded like he was right. And catching Faith post-coital would probably be their best bet. So he reached into his pocket and pulled out a small lock-pick, using it to jimmy open the lock. Slowly, he turned the handle and opened the door, peering inside.

              What he saw, he never expected. Faith's guest...was Wesley Wyndam-Pryce. And by guest, he seemed to be her prisoner.
              • Lilah followed Rupert into the building and then up to the floor Faith was on. As he jimmied the lock, Lilah reached behind her and made sure her gun was in the back waistband of her skirt. She was sure Rupert didn't want her shooting Faith, but she needed some sort of protection. When he got the door open, she looked inside and saw a man tied to a chair. She'd seen him before but couldn't place him.

                "Hey! What are you--?" Faith started to asked but stopped when she saw who was standing there. "You're the chick from the firm. And...Giles?"

                Lilah used the distraction to move into the room. Faith furrowed her brow and looked at Rupert. Lilah decided it was best to let Rupert handle the Slayer, while she took care of her 'guest'. Moving over to the man, she looked down at the man. He was gagged with a handkerchief so she pulled it down.

                "Please," the man begged. "Please..."

                She looked over his wounds - several small cuts over his face, chest and shoulders. Whoever he was, he must've really pissed off Faith to be tortured like that. "Please, what?" Lilah asked as she ran her fingernails over his wounds.

                The man whimpered and looked up at her. "Please untie me. My name is Wesley Wyndam-Pryce and I was kidnapped by Faith," he said.

                Lilah's eyebrows rose. So this was one of Angel's do-gooders. Wonderful. Pulling her gun out, she tucked the barrel under Wesley's chin and tilted his head up. "If I untie, you have to behave or I'll kill you. Understood?" she said.

                "Y-Yes," Wesley sputtered out.

                Placing the gun back in her waistband, she reached down and started to untie Wesley as Rupert took care of Faith.
                • Well, so much for the element of surprise, Giles thought when Faith saw them, stepping away from Wesley.

                  "What the fuck are you doing here?" she asked. "Gonna to try and stop me?"

                  She prowled toward him, her eyes glittering in the dim light. Giles immediately took up a defensive stance while Lilah moved toward Wesley. He could hear the man pleading - he had obviously been hurt by Faith fairly bad - but he had to concentrate on the Slayer.

                  "I don't think that will be too difficult," Giles told her.

                  "When did the G-Man get balls? You want to help so much, why weren't you there in Sunnydale? Did you hear what I did? I fucked with Buffy's life and her boyfriend. Fun while it lasted."

                  Lifting his hand, Giles raised an eyebrow. "Yes, I'm sure it was. Tell me, Faith, did you get what you wanted, being Buffy?"


                  "Oh, don't act surprised. I've known you were jealous of her and what she had - a mother who loves her, a home, friends - it was plain to see. You crave that normality, don't you." His lips curled into a smile. "Well, you just might get it. Obdormio."

                  A moment later, a mist surrounded Faith, and before she could react, she hit the floor, fast asleep. And she would stay that way until Giles decided to wake her up. Quickly, he pulled out the serum and went over to her, injecting her with it.

                  "Wha--what are you doing?" Wesley asked, his voice a bit thick, as Lilah finished untying him. Giles looked over him, clearly seeing the torture that Faith had done to him. On some level, he felt sorry for the chap, but at the same time, Wesley being there was a liability. They couldn't have him returning to Angel and telling him what he had seen.

                  An idea hit him just then. But first, they needed to deal with Faith.

                  "Nothing you need to worry about for now," he told him. "Lilah, perhaps we should find another room for Wesley for the time being?"
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