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Of Dark Magicks

Continued from here Lilah narrowed her eyes as he said the sex…

Of Dark Magicks

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Continued from here

Lilah narrowed her eyes as he said the sex was earth-shattering. “It’s not my fault you can’t properly please a woman without using magic. Pathetic old man,” she hissed before stepping away from him. She watched as he dressed, her smirk still in place.

When he broke the spell on the room, and opened the door, she stepped out of it and stopped. “You’ll be working for the firm soon enough. I like to play dirty, and I always get what I want Mister Giles. I’ll make sure you get a nice cubicle,” Lilah happily said as she went back into the den.

Ethan looked at her for a moment and Lilah smiled at him. Maybe Ethan could help her with getting Rupert on her side. She’d have to look into it. But, at the moment, she wanted to go home and take a long, hot shower, and wash the smell of a certain ex-Watcher off her.
  • "You didn't seem to be complaining those three times you came, Miss Morgan. Without the help of magic, I might add," Giles told her before watching her leave, snorting softly to himself.

    She was quite a woman, he thought as he closed the door, continuing to twirl the crystal in his hand. It would actually be fun to try to lure her away from the firm. Although there was the pesky little problem of the fact that she was tied to them in perpetuity. The initiates had been warned of that little fact when they were told about Wolfram and Hart.

    Tapping the crystal against his lips, he walked over to the couch and sat down again. He set the edge of the crystal against the coffee table and twirled it, causing it to spin like a top, light spilling across the room in a rainbow of colors.

    "Pretty," Ethan's voice came from the doorway. "Not as pretty as that bird, though. Have fun with her?"

    "Wouldn't you like to know," Giles said, watching the crystal.

    "Oh, come now, Rip--Rupert. You two disappear up here for an hour? You can't tell me you didn't shag her. Not with your shirt open."

    "If you know the answer, why did you even ask?"

    "Details, old man! Details!"

    Reaching out, Giles enclosed his hand over the crystal and stood up, giving him a smirk. "Details...are between myself and Miss Morgan. Goodnight, Ethan."

    Heading into the bedroom, he locked the door behind him.
    • After leaving the den, Lilah went straight to her office. Her assistant was already gone for the night, and she growled. It was so hard getting good help. With a shrug, she went into her office and called one of the lowly researchers to come up to her office. Lilah wanted everything they could find out about Ethan Rayne. If he was one of Rupert's weaknesses then she was going to use him against the former Watcher.

      Hours later, she had found out only snippets about Ethan. It would seem Rupert and him had met years ago in London after Rupert had ran away from Oxford. There wasn't enough on paper to help Lilah so she asked security to bring Ethan in for a chat, with the promise he'd get paid dearly for his time and energy.

      When he showed up at her office, she smiled. "Mister Rayne. Thank you for coming," she said.

      "Not as if I had a choice, now did I, Miss Morgan?" Ethan said with a sly smile.

      "I'm sure the promise of money and several young college girls helped sway your decision. Have a seat; I want to have a talk with you about Rupert," Lilah said, motioning for him to sit down. "I need to know his weaknesses."

      "Angel," Ethan merely said. "Now for my money..."

      "Not so fast, Mister Rayne. What about Angel?" Lilah asked. "Is it because of Buffy?"

      "It's because of Jenny Calendar," Ethan said, looking her up and down. Lilah gave him a confused look, and Ethan sighed. "School teacher Ripper was in love with. Angel's evil side snapped her neck and left her in Ripper's bed for him to find. Ripper went after him but Buffy stopped him. Now can I have my money."

      Impressive. Rupert Giles' not only had a girlfriend but had been in love with her, contary to what he'd said to Lilah the night before. "If you're screwing with me, Rayne, I'll send a demon over to rip you limb by limb. Understand?"

      Ethan smirked and took the envelope of money. "Of course, Miss Morgan," he muttered before sliding out of her office.

      The following night Lilah found herself at the den again. Ethan let her in and pointed her Rupert's direction. Sitting next to him, Lilah pulled out the picture of Jenny one of her contacts had gotten for her and tossed it on his lap. "Cute. A little too mousey for my liking," she said without looking at him, knowing she was baiting him. "One would think finding your girlfriend, dead in your bed, would give you enough incentive to want to kill the bastard who murdered her. Tell me something Mister Giles - did you ever fuck Jenny over the arm of your couch? Or was that reserved for Angelus?"
      • Giles raised his eyebrow when Lilah stepped into the alcove the following night. He wondered what tact she was going to take to get at him tonight. Glancing over at Ethan, he saw the smug git smirking at him and rolled his eyes in response.

        He was just about to greet Lilah when a picture landed on his lap. Picking it up, he looked at it, feeling his heart tightened when he saw who it was. Jenny. His fist closed together, crushing the picture as Lilah spoke, each of her words daggers. Without thinking, he turned and grabbed her, pinning her to the couch as he threw a ward up on the alcove, blocking Ethan and the others out.

        "Who told you about her?" he hissed, opening his hand and muttering a few words, causing the picture to disappear in a spark of fire. His eyes slid over to where Ethan was standing, not able to see what was going on in the alcove. "Was it Ethan? It was, wasn't it? Let's get one thing straight, Miss Morgan. What Angelus did, and what I do about it, is my business. You are never to mention her name again, do you understand me? And if I find you've involved yourself in anything having to do with her, I will kill you."

        Letting her go, he pushed himself away, getting up and walking to the panel. As he disappeared through it, the ward on the alcove came down.
        • Lilah was expecting Rupert to be angry, but when he pinned her down on the couch, her heart started to pound in her chest. She nodded at his words, giving him a serious look. She knew he would kill her and not think anything of it. And when he got off her, and left, she took a deep breath.

          "At least he didn't kill you," Ethan commented as he stepped into the alcove. "Ripper likes you, but I would watch your step around him."

          Lilah scowled at Ethan and stood from the sofa. "You told me to bring her up, you prick," she said before waving at the panel. "Get me in there. Now."

          Ethan sighed and waved his hand. The panel opened and Lilah went through and went up to the room Rupert had taken her to the night before.

          "Mister Giles, I must apologize for what happened. Ethan said it would be alright to bring her up. Sort of an incentive for you to come to the firm. We could work out a deal so you can kill Angel for what he did," Lilah said as she stood across the room from him.
          • When he reached his rooms, Giles picked up the crystal Lilah had given him, rolling it through his hands. Damn her. Damn Ethan. He knew just what the damned bloody plonker had been trying to do - he liked messing with him, especially since he wasn't telling him what exactly had happened between himself and Lilah the night before. But her...

            If she thought that she was going to convince him to join the firm by bringing Jenny's death into this... She had seriously miscalculated. There was no way he was going to give that sort of power of himself to anyone. His pain and grief over Jenny was his own. Allowing the Wolf, Ram and Hart access to that? No. They'd own him if he did, and he wasn't going to allow that to happen.

            When the door opened a few moments later and Lilah entered, however, he wasn't surprised. He wondered how she was going to play what had just happened downstairs. Of course...blame on Ethan. He was a convenient scapegoat, and at the moment, given his anger at him for passing on such personal information, he was more than happy to go with it. At least for the moment.

            "Do you really think I'm going to give anyone that sort of power of me, Miss Morgan?" he asked in a low voice, still rolling the crystal. "You let me kill Angel, yes, it avenges me for her. But do you think I don't know what the firm will then expect of me?"

            He shook his head, narrowing his eyes at her. "My plans when it comes to Angel are my own, and I'll do it my own way. I'd advise you and your firm to stay out of my way when it comes to it."
            • Lilah stood perfectly still as Rupert spoke. She could tell he'd loved Jenny very much, and there was a part of her who wanted to point out how weak he was being in allowing love to cloud his judgment. But, she couldn't because there was a small part of her who knew love existed for some people, just not her. And apparently it had existed for Rupert once, and she couldn't help but to wonder if they would be standing in this room if Jenny were still alive.

              She didn't know and she didn't want to guess either. Her mother had made sure all of Lilah's hopes and dreams were dashed by her mother. As a child it frightened her but now, as an adult, Lilah knew some of what her mother had said was true, and she knew if she would've fallen in love, and married, she wouldn't be where she was today within the firm.

              "I'll convey the message along to my bosses," she finally said as she crossed her arms. "I can't promise they won't kill him before you have the chance to though. They're eager to get rid of him."

              There was nothing else for Lilah to say so she turned toward the door and placed her hand on the handle. "If you have nothing else to discuss with me, then I'll leave you alone. For now," she said, glancing over at him.
              • Giles knew he was probably giving away more than he should have, but Ethan had already made sure that Lilah knew more about him and his past than he ever wanted her to know. He had to draw the line and make sure that she understood it. Jenny was off-limits, and what he did about her death was his own business too.

                "If your bosses get to him before I do, then so be it," he told her with a shrug. He wanted to make him suffer as much as he had made him suffer between murdering Jenny and torturing him, but he wasn't going to tell her that. He had never told Ethan had much Angelus had hurt him physically. That pain was still his own, and he planned to use it.

                As she turned to walk out the door, Giles raised an eyebrow. "What would I discuss with you, Miss Morgan? The weather? Politics?" He laughed as the idea of them sitting down and comparing their respective country's governments. "Perhaps demon handling techniques? I'm sure you have some good ones, being a lawyer."

                Leaning against the couch arm, he shook his head, opening his palm flat with the crystal on it. He concentrated, and it began spinning, refracted light reflecting on the walls. "Goodnight, Miss Morgan."
                • "Politics isn't my department. That department is on the top floor and they're the ones, which decide who the president is going to be. In all honesty, they bore me up there. Bunch of uppity pricks," Lilah said as she continued to stand by the door of the room. "As for the weather, it's hot and muggy. Hell on my hair. Not that you care. And as for demons? I only represent them, not hunt them."

                  Lilah continued to stand there, even after Rupert had said goodnight to her. She watched as he spun the crystal in his hand. At least he was enjoying the expensive gift she'd gotten for him. And apparently there was more to it than it being a simple crystal. "That's sort of pretty," she said, looking at the lights on the wall.

                  With a small sigh, she stepped into the room again and walked over to him. She placed her hand over the crystal and it stopped. Looking up at him, Lilah moved closer, their lips merely inches apart. "I could stay, you know and we wouldn't have to talk," she murmured before looking down at his lips.
                  • At Lilah's comment about the political department at the firm, Giles raised an eyebrow but couldn't say he wasn't surprised. He didn't really care, though. He kept his eyes focused on the crystal.

                    Until he felt her move closer, her hand closing over the crystal to stop his movements. Raising his head, he looked at her, face so close, breath so warm. He reached up and raked his hand through her hair before cupping the back of her neck and standing.

                    "Off the clock now, are we?" he asked in a low voice. He leaned his head down, his lips hovering above hers for a moment before dipping lower to worry the pulse point on her neck with his tongue and teeth.

                    As their hands continued to hold the crystal between them, he slid his other one down over her back to the waistband of her skirt. Pulling her blouse out, he snaked his hand under and began caressing her soft skin while pressing against her.

                    The crystal began humming in their hands as he touched her, energy pulsing through his arm and down his body. Moving back slightly, he looked down. The crystal's movement lessened a bit when he did.

                    "Interesting," he murmured softly.
                    • "Who says I can't spend time with a handsome man while I'm working?" Lilah asked as Giles' lips hovered near hers. Her eyes fluttered shut and she waited for him to kiss. Instead, she felt his mouth on her neck and she groaned as he pressed against her. And when his hand snaked up the back of her shirt, she shuddered.

                      The closer they were, the move the crystal hummed. It was sending shockwaves of pleasure through her body. She groaned but it was cut off when Rupert stepped away from her, taking the crystal with him. Opening her eyes, Lilah looked down and saw its spinning had slow.

                      "Indeed," she whispered before stepping closer to him.

                      Her hand laid on the crystal again and it started to hum as she leaned forward and nipped at his neck. She moved over his jawline, groaning as the crystal started to move faster. When she came to her lips, she stopped and looked him in the eyes as her tongue softly swiped over his bottom lip. The simple act seemed to cause the crystal to light up more. Lilah wanted to kiss him to see what would happen but decided to allow him to make the next move.
                      • When they moved closer together and the crystal's humming became stronger, Giles raised an eyebrow in amazement. There was something between them causing this. Was it because she had given him the gift? Did it sense that connection? Or was it something more?

                        His eyes closed for a moment when her lips moved over his neck and up his jaw, the energy from the crystal building, going straight to his cock. The pleasure coiled inside him, making him wonder if it was the same for her. Then it spiked when her tongue touched his lip, and he almost jerked, feeling himself harden almost painfully.

                        His eyes locked with hers, their hands holding the crystal between them. Before he knew what he was doing, his lips were on hers, hard and passionate. He pulled her against him as the crystal's energy spiked to its highest level yet, causing his cock to throb though he was able to control himself from coming.

                        He wanted to know what it would be like to be inside her while they held the crystal. Breaking the kiss, he drew her away from the couch and toward the bedroom.
                        • When Rupert started to kiss her, Lilah moaned. The energy from the crystal ran through her body. She felt the heat rise between her legs and she started to tremble, her body wanting to fall over the edge and come. But, before she could, he broke the kiss and she look at him as she panted. And when he pulled her toward the bedroom, she willingly went.

                          Once inside, Lilah pulled her hand away and started to pull off her clothes. There was no time for playing. She needed to feel him inside of her. As she pulled down her panties, she reached over and grabbed his free hand. Lilah pressed it against her wet folds and looked him in the eye.

                          "See what you do to me, Mister Giles?" she asked, barely above a whisper. "Not many men can get that sort of reaction out of me. Does it make you want me more?" With a small smirk, she grabbed the crystal again and slowly pressed her lips against his as she slipped her tongue into his mouth and pressed against him.
                          • Standing in his room, Giles watched as Lilah began to pull off her clothes. She truly was beautiful, her self-assurance as sexy as the curves of her body. None of those girls downstairs that Ethan whored with could ever compare to her, that much was obvious.

                            He had just removed his own clothes when Lilah took his hand and pressed it into her folds so he could feel just how wet and warm she was. And he had caused it in her. Well, it seemed they had caused it together as he hadn't done anything to the crystal to set it off.

                            "At the risk of giving you more ammunition against me, Miss Morgan, I don't think I could ever want you more than I do right now - which is to say, I want you desperately," he told her as he began rubbing her clit with his finger.

                            Suddenly, she was up against him, his cock rubbing against her thigh, their lips pressed together, as their hands held the crystal, which began to vibrate almost violently. As the kiss deepened, they stumbled back to the bed, Giles pulling Lilah down over him. With just enough presence of mind, he broke the kiss just long enough to mutter the spell for the condom. Once it had appeared, he then wrapped his free arm around her, moving her into position over his cock. With a quick, deep thrust, he was inside her, and the crystal's energy suddenly changed, its pulse matching his thrusts as he began bucking his hips up into her. He groaned as the pleasure from the pulses and the friction of their shagging began building down at the base of his spine.
                            • Lilah smiled when Rupert said he wanted her. "Truth be told, I want you too, Mister Giles," she said as they started to kiss again.

                              The energy from the crystal was humming through her body. Her nipples were erect, and her clit continued to throb as if she were about to tumble over the edge and come. Closing her eyes as she fell to the bed, she willed herself not to come because she needed to feel Rupert inside of her.

                              She looked down as Rupert did the spell for the condom and she cried out when he thrust into her. Looking down at him, a sheen of sweat covering her chest, Lilah started to move on him, matching him thrust for thrust. The crystal started spin faster, almost burning their hands.

                              The pain was pushed down though by the feeling of utopia that Lilah was feeling. It felt as if she was on another plane, even thought she could feel Rupert thrusting inside of her. She'd never felt so free before in her life and she started to realize why people got so addicted to magic and the high it provided.

                              When she felt herself tightening up, she moved on him even harder as her legs started to tremble. She cried out loudly as her body started to spasm around his cock. The crystal glowed a brilliant red color as she came hard on him, her entire body shaking violently.
  • The crystal seemed to be fire in their hands, but Giles didn't care. Its heat was now spreading through him in a rush like the pleasure - he hadn't felt anything like this before with anyone, not even Ethan. Especially not Ethan. It was almost overwhelming, the high he could feel building inside him.

    He continued to thrust up into Lilah, even as he felt her getting tighter and tighter until he was pushing himself into her so hard, he wasn't sure he'd be able to without hurting her. Then suddenly, he felt her clench tightly around him.

    The crystal, along with the force of her orgasm, sent a final pulse through him and with a horse cry, he came, feeling himself twitching intensely within her as red hot light exploded behind his eyes. It was the most amazing high he'd felt in his life, and he let himself ride it, locked deep inside this unbelievable woman.

    He wasn't sure how long it lasted, but when he finally came down, a delicious buzz ran through his entire body. The crystal fell out of their hands onto the bed, and reaching up, though he wasn't sure how, he wrapped his arms around Lilah.
    • Lilah had never felt like this before. Her body was relaxed and she found herself falling on top of Rupert. A giggled escaped her mouth as she wriggled on him to get more comfortable. She opened her eyes and squinted at all the beautiful colors that were floating around the room. If this was a magical high, Lilah never wanted to come down.

      "That was...nice...wonderful...fucking hot," she murmured as she stroked her fingers over his neck. "If this is what every magic spell feels like afterwards, then I think I'm in the wrong professional. I should be a magician." She giggled again and rolled off him and onto the piece of bed beside him. "I can honestly say that was the best fuck I've ever had."

      Spreading out on the bed, Lilah turned her head and glanced at Rupert. "We should do this more often Mister Giles. I think the crystal should be thoroughly tried out to make sure we're using it right. But not right now. I think I'm floating too much and we can't do it if I'm floating above the bed!" she laughed.
      • "Bloody hell," Giles hissed when Lilah wriggled on him. He was still inside her, and what had just happened had left him very, very sensitive, so every movement of hers was almost too much. The buzz was still pleasurably there, however, making him wonder briefly how long this was going to last.

        When she finally moved off him, he groaned at feeling himself slip out of her, missing the tight contriction of her body coupled with the high almost immediately. He did get rid of the condom, though, with the clean-up spell before looking over at her in surprise at her admission. He wouldn't have thought she would have admitted anything like that.

        "Honestly, that was best I've had too," he told her, closing his eyes as he reached out to touch her, running his hand up and down her arm. He could feel his skin prickle with pleasure as he did, almost like there was an electrical field around them that sent sensations through them whenever they touched. He found himself chuckling at her floating comment. "And I'm game to...experiment more with the crystal. We should definitely understand its limits and...possibilities. Once you stop floating, of course."

        She actually had quite a lovely laugh and smile when she wasn't smirking and being serious. It made him wonder how many people saw this side of her. And how long he would actually be privy to it before her attorney facade slid back into place.

        "If we're going to...continue with our testing, Lilah, don't you think you ought to call me Rupert?" he asked, raising his eyebrow. He realized he was giving her quite a bit of power by allowing her to call him by his given name, but after what had just happened, it didn't seem right to refer to each other so formally.
        • Lilah's laughter died down when Rupert told her they should refer to each other by their given names, instead of being formal. She guessed he was right but it didn't stop her from scowling at his attitude. "Fine, Rupert. No need to be an ass about it," she said as she pushed against his leg with her foot. She was still floating and the giggles came back again. "I should go..."

          Rolling over to her side, Lilah tried to stand from the bed but couldn't. "Fuck," she muttered before falling back on the bed. "Where's my cell phone at? I should call the office and get a car sent here to pick me up. I don't think I can drive." She looked across the room and saw her purse. "Fuck again. There's no way I can make it over there!"

          She turned over again and snuggled against Rupert. Grinning, she ran her fingers through his hair. "It's been a long time since I've snuggled with anyone. I think I was in college, and drunk, and didn't know any better. Guess you could say the same for this time too," Lilah said with a grin.
          • Giles wanted to laugh at Lilah's reaction to his remark. He hadn't thought he was being an ass about it at all, but he supposed it had come out a bit more sarcastic than he had intended. Not that he cared. He was feeling too bloody fantastic to worry about whether Lilah had misinterpreted his tone.

            And it seemed that she rather didn't either. His amusement grew as she tried to get up from the bed only to fall back down and cuddle against him. With a grin, he wrapped his arm around her. Her fingers in his hair felt wonderful. It had been a long time since anyone had done that to him.

            "Well, I suppose we should enjoy this then," he told her, wondering briefly if he should be worried that he was actually about to allow Lilah to stay with him for the night. Or at least as long as it took before she decided that she'd better leave...or he'd better have her leave. "If you'd like to stay, you're welcome to."

            He looked up, suddenly realizing that he hadn't locked the front door or put up a privacy ward. Fuck it. He couldn't have managed to get up at that moment if he wanted to.

            If Ethan came in, though, he was bloody well going out the window.
            • Lilah couldn't remember the last time she felt this free, and happy. She slung a leg over Rupert's legs and grinned at him. "I think I'll just stay here tonight," she said with a grin. Deep down she knew she shouldn't and that she was getting too close to him, and it could backfire but at that moment she didn't care.

              All she wanted to do was touching him. He smelled so good. Like spice, and Lilah liked spice. She moved closer and licked his neck before giggling again. She pulled herself up to her knees and she moved down his body. When she got to his cock, Lilah leaned over and softly licked the shaft.

              "I've been told I have a really talented mouth," Lilah purred before she sucked Rupert's cock into her mouth. She liked orally pleasuring men but rarely did it. To her, blow jobs were the ultimate act of submission, but once again, she didn't care. She wanted to do this with him. She wanted to please him, and taste him.
              • When Lilah agreed to stay the night, Giles didn't know whether to be elated or worried. He had invited the woman who had sworn to get him to work for her firm to spend the night - he was opening himself up to her, allowing her to get close. It was probably the stupidest mistake he could make in all of this.

                But at the moment, he didn't care at all. He just wanted her there. He enjoyed having her there, even despite what she had done earlier.

                Suddenly he felt her licking his neck, causing a shudder of pleasure to run through his body, the buzz that had been starting to fade beginning to get stronger again. Then she worked her way down his body, and when her tongue ran over his cock, he groaned, his hips bucking up.

                "Who...whoever told you that...was right..." he gasped out, his eyes shutting as he grabbed the duvet. She was amazing, in so many ways. As her mouth and tongue moved over him, causing him to harden, the pleasure started buzzing through him again, throughout all of him at first, then slowly concentrating in his groin.

                "Lilah...so good..." he choked out.

                The buzzing soon contracted down to almost a pinpoint, his balls tightening, his muscles tensing. When she sucked on him a few times, he felt himself hanging, just at the edge of coming. Then her tongue moved over him, and the pleasure exploded, the buzz rushing through his body as he came hard with a shuddering groan.
                • Lilah smirked when Rupert said whoever said she was good with her mouth was right. She wasn't going to tell him that it was a professor, during her first year in college, that had taught her the art of blow jobs. Instead, she continued to suck on him, remembering the technique she'd been taught so many years before.

                  Reaching down, she ran her fingers over his balls and was about to pull up when he came in her mouth. Lilah didn't know if it was the magic he did, or the tea he drank, but his come tasted very tart. She slowly swallowed and then climbed up his body like a cat.

                  "Don't get used to this, Rupey," Lilah said with raised eyebrows. "Performing oral sex on a man is a sign of weakness, and I'm not weak."

                  She pressed her lips against his and kissed him around. Lilah then rolled off him and plopped down on the bed. Her body was still buzzing from the crystal and she didn't think she would be able to leave until morning. Which sucked for her, considering she had a board meeting in an hour.
                  • For a moment, Giles was insensate, the buzzing of pleasure in his system overpowering everything else. He had certainly never felt anything like this before.

                    When he finally opened his eyes, he found Lilah hovering over him and calling him "Rupey", which made him raise his eyebrows. He certainly never remembered telling her she could call him that. Perhaps he had been too quick to allow her to be on more familiar terms with him.

                    "I would never think of you as such," he told her, however, meaning every word. "You're definitely not weak, Lilah."

                    When she rolled onto the bed after kissing him, Giles turned on his side and looked over her for a moment. She really was truly gorgeous. He found himself wanting to touch every inch of her to find out what drove her mad. And considering how he felt again following what she had just done, he also wondered what would happen to her if he...

                    Leaning over he began pressing kisses to across her skin, down her stomach until he reached her pubic region. He then slipped off the bed, a bit unsteady, and moved in between her legs. As his hands caressed her thighs, he looked up at her for a moment, then leaned in, running his tongue through her warm folds before finding her clit.
                    • Lilah smirked, happy that Rupert knew she wasn’t weak. Too many men saw her as such and it pissed her off. Especially Holland and Lindsey. Her mind went to the meeting she was missing. Holland had said he was going to assign a special project tonight. She wanted the project, even if she didn’t what it was. Lindsey didn’t deserve it, she did.

                      Her mouth opened but quickly shut when he started to kiss her skin. Energy popped within her and the buzz she felt before started to come back. Lilah moaned and wrapped her fingers in his hair. “God, Rupert,” she hissed as her body relaxed and she started to feel like she was floating again.

                      When he moved between her legs, Lilah looked down at him. A groan left her mouth when she felt his tongue move over her folds, and land on her clit. Her hips raised off the bed and she started to move against his mouth. She’d never felt like this before, and she didn’t want the feeling to end.

                      “Rupert…” Lilah moaned as she felt herself start to tighten. Her fingers dug into the bed and her hips bucked up. Letting out a strangled cry, she felt her orgasm come crashing down around her.
  • Lilah's reactions to what Giles was doing were marvelous to behold. She wasn't weak, but she certainly was amazingly reactive. She had been so last night and was even more so tonight. He was sure that the magic from the crystal had made her quite sensitive, though. It had him.

    As he sucked and played with her clit using his lips and tongue and teeth, he gently thrust a finger into her. She moved against him, and Giles didn't think he had ever seen a more beautiful sight. Maybe it was the high of the magic talking, but he didn't think he had.

    He felt her getting closer and applied more suction, moaning at her musky scent. Within moments, she was spasming, and he could taste her come coating his lips. After licking her clean, he raised himself up and joined her on the bed, kissing her deeply. It seemed that after not having kissed at all the first time they had fucked, he couldn't get enough of her soft lips.

    "Did you feel the after-effects?" he asked her as he drew her against him. He didn't care that it might not be safe to have her so close to his heart. Not at the moment. "That was some very strong magic we created together tonight. I've never felt anything quite like it before."
    • Lilah laid on the bed as she watched a rainbow of beautiful colors cloud her vision. Whatever was in the crystal was the most wonderful thing she'd encounter, besides Rupert of course. Without him she doubted the crystal would work at all. They made it work together, which was funny considering how she really, really hated teamwork.

      When Rupert kissed her, she moaned as she tasted herself on his lips. "Yes," she said after they'd broken the kiss. "It's like floating, plus the colors are really pretty." She giggled and allowed him to pull her to him. She snuggled against him, which was something she never did and sighed. "I was supposed to be at a meeting but fuck it. I can't drive like this."

      She laid her head on his chest, a million thoughts going through her mind. Lilah knew she was opening herself up for him to do something nasty to her - like slit her throat but at moment she didn't care. She liked being in his arms. Maybe she was strong, but there was nothing better than lying in a man's arms sometimes.

      "We'll have to use the crystal again someday," Lilah murmured before she closed her eyes and fell asleep in Rupert's arms.
      • Giles wrapped his arms a bit tighter about Lilah, not knowing why he wanted to hold her so close but not questioning it. Whatever was going on between them, he was going to enjoy it. It had been a long time since he had been this...close to anyone. They'd probably wake up snarking at each other in the morning, but he didn't care. Right here, right now, this felt good, and this felt nice, and this felt right.

        "We definitely will have to," he murmured to her.

        He held her until he could feel her breathing even out, telling him that she had fallen asleep, and only then did he let himself fall asleep as well.

        He wasn't sure what time it was that he woke up, but when he did, he found that he actually felt very good. For a moment, he wasn't sure what had happened until he realized that Lilah Morgan was lying against him, naked. It was then that the events of the night before came back to him. Lifting his head slightly, he looked down at her.

        She looked quite peaceful when she was sleeping. He wondered if it was the only time she ever truly got any sort herself.

        Slowly, he extracted himself from their embrace, trying not to wake her up, and grabbed a set of jeans and shirt from the wardrobe, putting them on although he left the shirt open. He then padded out into the kitchen area of the flat and went about making some coffee. Tea had been his first choice, but he had a feeling his guest would prefer coffee.
        • Lilah Morgan wasn't one to spend the night with anyone. Her mother, bless her heart, had once told her men saw cuddling as a sign of weakness and would attack if you let your guard down. Even when Lilah had been in a relationship, right before Wolfram and Hart had recruited her from law school, she never spent the night with her boyfriend. And she actually cared about him.

          So, when she felt someone getting out of the same bed she was in, Lilah pushed her eyes open in time to see Rupert getting dressed. Damn it! What in the hell had happened? Why was she there and not in her own bed? Did he drug her up? Probably did. Lilah was sure Holland had put him up to it to keep her away.

          Groaning, she rolled over and saw the crystal. That's when it all came back to her. It was the magic he doped her up with. "Nice," she grumbled as she sat up.

          Lilah didn't want to admit it, but she had actually enjoyed herself the night before. It was the first time in ages where she'd actually laughed because something was fun, and not because one of her co-workers was being ate by a demon. And, she would do it again.

          "I missed an important meeting last night," she muttered as she glanced over at Rupert. She didn't think he'd care but she had to tell someone.
          • Giles had just started the coffee and gone back to the bedroom where he saw Lilah sitting up, a rather sour look on her face. Obviously, she had come down off her magic high. He knew that magic affected others differently, but he wondered how much of it was how she was actually feeling and how much of it was the fact that she had very definitely let her guard down with him last night.

            Considering that he had as well, he supposed they had both done something very dangerous in letting the other in.

            "You mentioned last night," he said as he picked up her clothes from the floor and set them on the bed for her. "Apparently, you keep as awful hours as I used to."

            Picking up the crystal from where it had been sitting on the bed, he considered it for a moment before setting it on the bureau. He had never had anything like that ever happen to him before. Not even when he had been younger. He debated telling her though he did remember telling her that it had been the best sex he had ever had, which was true, but he had no idea why he was letting this happen with her.

            What the bloody hell was he doing?

            "I'm making some coffee if you'd like some," he finally told her, turning around. "I'm sure you want to get to work soon, but I thought you might want something after...last night."
            • Lilah scowled at Rupert. "Thanks for pushing me out the door then. If I say I have a meeting, then I have a meeting. Some of us do work for a living, instead of laying around, watching our best friend fuck some girl he picked up in a local playground! Perverts! All of you!" She quickly stood from the bed but sat back down when the room started to spin.

              Taking a deep breath, she tried it again, only doing it a little slower. When she got her bearings, Lilah picked up her clothes and glared at Rupert. "Stop looking at my naked body! No, wait, do look at it because you're never seeing it again!" she snapped as she watched him pick up the crystal and set it down on the dresser. "And you used the gift I gave you against me! Bastard!"

              Lilah stormed out of the bedroom and looked around. Where in the hell was the bathroom? Chewing on her bottom lip, she sighed and came storming back in. "Where's the bathroom at and stop looking at my breasts like some hungry hyena! Men! You're all the same!" she huffed.
              • "Now, hold on just a minute...!" Giles started to protest when Lilah went off on a tear, yelling about her was a layabout who had never worked a day in his life and that it was somehow his responsibility to look after her. She was a grown woman, and he had recalled, she hadn't been too cut up about missing her meeting at the time.

                Of course, that could have had something to do with the buzz from the magic sex they had, but he had certainly not expected that to happen, and he hadn't been in much more better condition than she at the time.

                For a moment, when she started threatening that he'd never see her naked again, Giles thought about just standing back and letting her rampage. It was rather an amusing sight, actually.

                But then she accused him of purposely using the crystal against her as though he had some grand scheme, and he felt anger bubbling up inside him. That was rather rich, coming from her when she had attempted to use Jenny against him the night before.

                When she came back into the room, he crossed his arms. "I'm nothing like these other men you seem to have had the bad taste in getting involved with, and I rather resent your implication that I would ever knowingly use something against a woman to get her into bed. I am not a rapist, Lilah Morgan, and I don't appreciate your implication that I am! It's also rather rich for you to talk about using things against you when you came here last night with that exact plan in mind - to use something of mine against me! So don't get all high and mighty with me."

                He then pointed to the door on the otherside of the room. "And the bathroom is there. Get dressed and get the bloody hell out."

                Grabbing the crystal off the bureau, he left the room.
                • "I do not have bad taste!" Lilah snapped, then she shook her head and gave him a smile. "You're right. I do have bad taste since I fucked you."

                  She went to the bathroom, rolling her eyes when he told her to leave. Lilah was planning on it and didn't need to be told to leave. Once she was dressed, she slipped out of the bathroom and leveled her gaze at Rupert. "You can forget about doing free lance work for the firm. You'd never work out there," she hissed as she picked up her purse. "I'll make sure to stake Angel for you since you're too busy living in the past to do so."

                  With that, she was out the door and down the stairs. Ethan was passed out on the floor so she kicked him in the side and stepped on him before leaving the building. She was at the firm within thirty minutes and found a smug looking Lindsey sitting in her office.

                  "You missed the meeting, Lilah," he said with a smirk. "You were up for the project but since you were out," he looked over her clothes, "getting laid, I got the job. I'm going to be taking care of the Slayer."

                  "Buffy?" she asked, raising her eyebrows.

                  "Faith. And we have big plans for her," Lindsey said as he stood and went to the door. "Too bad you were busy gettin' fucked to care."

                  Lilah let out a growl just as Lindsey slipped out the door. Rupert had caused this. If he would've left her alone, then she would've gotten the project. With a frustrated sigh, she sat down behind her desk. She didn't know who she was going to kill first - Rupert or Lindsey.
  • Well, if nothing else, Giles had got rid of Lilah faster than he had thought he might. It was rather disappointing considering how fantastic the sex had been, but he knew that in the long run, he would have regretted allowing it. At least now, he could let it go as a two-night stand.

    Her visit had, however, given him the kick in the arse to start what he had been considering, what he had told Lilah he could do on his own. It was time to deal with Angel. The threat of Angelus had been allowed to go unchecked for far too long, and Angel had shown he had no self-control even though he knew about the curse. Something had to be done. For victims like Jenny.

    So he had left Ethan to sleep off his latest magic and alcohol-induced hangover and gone out to do some checking around. He found the headquarters of Angel Investigations, where it appeared Angel lived as well as worked with Cordelia Chase of all people. Wesley Wyndam-Pryce was indeed there as well, so Lilah hadn't been lying about that.

    So they had set up an agency to "help the helpless". Giles wondered if these people had any idea who exactly they were going to for this help, what exactly he could become.

    After gathering some information, he was about to head back to his rooms when he saw a familiar figure hurrying around the corner of the nearby building. Frowning, he ran after, reaching the corner in time to see the girl running across the street.

    "Faith," he breathed out in disbelief. What the bloody hell was she doing here? She had been in a coma in Sunnydale last he had heard.

    Obviously, she had been there because of Angel. But why? He decided to head back to his rooms and call some of the contacts he still had in Sunnydale as well as a few he had made in here in Los Angeles. He wanted to know when Faith had awakened and what she was up to.
    • "Lilah. It's good to see you've remembered where you work," Holland said as his assistant let her into his office.

      "Sorry, Mister Holland," she said as she looked around the room. Lindsey was sitting on the leather couch, looking pleased with himself. She had to stop herself from going over to him and slapping the smug look off his face.

      "Lindsey here thought it'd be in our best interest to let you in on the Faith project," Holland explained as he motioned for Lilah to sit down. "Tell me, Lilah, where were you last night?"

      "Late meeting with a client," she lied as she sat down. She wasn't about to tell Holland or Lindsey what she'd been doing. It was bad enough most of Wolfram and Hart was an all boys' club.

      Holland smirked and looked over at Lindsey before looking at Lilah again. "We've had our initial meeting with Faith, and she's gotten her assignment. It seems we may not be able to trust her and that's where you come in," he explained before writing down an address on a piece of paper. "She's staying there. We need you to go check on her for us."

      Lilah took the piece of paper and looked at it. The address was unfamiliar and she wondered if Faith had been put in the firm's housing or not. She didn't recall them having apartments there, but, who was she to argue? She was being allowed to be on the team. "I'll check on her now," she said.

      Leaving Holland's office, Lilah cancelled her appointments for the rest of the night. Taking her car over to the address, she furrowed her brow. Something wasn't right. She picked up her cell phone to call and make sure Holland had given her the right address when a large demon pulled her out of her car. Lilah tried to fight it off but the demon was too strong.

      "This is from Holland and Lindsey," the demon as he punched her in the mouth. "You're nothing at that firm."

      Before Lilah could react, the demon was gone. She spat blood out of her mouth and climbed into her car. Her first instinct was to go back to the firm, but, she was sure Holland and Lindsey were there, waiting to laugh at her. Seven fucking years there and this was the thanks she got.

      Driving off, she found her car moving toward the building Rupert lived in. She parked the car and went inside. Ethan was there but she didn't say a word to him. Instead, she went into the nearest bathroom and locked the door behind her. Frustrated, tears welled in her eyes as she started to wash her mouth out.
      • Sitting back, Giles snapped his mobile phone shut and rubbed his hand over the bottom of his face. Faith had apparently woken up in Sunnydale a few days before and had spent some time there making trouble for Buffy and the Scoobies before making a run for it.

        And now she was here in Los Angeles. His contact had said that she had been seen with some people who were known to have connections to Wolfram and Hart. It didn't take a brain trust to realize what was going on. A rogue Slayer. With known issues and blood lust? Hanging around Angel's place?

        Wolfram and Hart had made their first move in trying to get to Angel. He was rather disappointed, though. The way Lilah had spoken, he was rather expecting something grander and more interesting.

        "You do have a way with birds, Ri--Rupert," Ethan said as he walked into the lounge where Giles had been sitting making the phone calls.

        He looked up at him. "What in the bloody hell are you on about?"

        "That bird. Miss Morgan."

        "What about her? She left, said she wasn't coming back. Or at least, made it fairly clear she wasn't."

        "Well, you might want to tell her that. She's in the gents downstairs," Ethan told her as he sat down on the couch. "Looked like she'd been knocked a good one, too."


        Getting up, Giles hurried down to the loo on the first floor and knocked on the door. "Lilah? Lilah Morgan, I know you're in there. What's going on?"
        • Her mouth finally stopped stinging, but there was blood on her favorite blouse. Lilah sighed and looked at herself in the mirror for a moment, wondering how she’d gotten to this point in her life. Holland and Lindsey were walking all over her, and now she was in Rupert’s magic fun circus, hiding in the men’s bathroom. How pathetic had she become?

          Tears begun to sting her eyes and she let out a sob. Lilah rarely cried but at the moment she didn’t care. She was tired of working her ass off, only to be made a mockery of. Lindsey and Holland were probably having a good laugh about it at the moment with their little demon friend. She’d given up her soul for the firm and this was the thanks she’d gotten.

          When there was a knock on the door, followed by Rupert’s face, Lilah growled in frustration. She didn’t want to see him, even though she had came to the place where he lived. Fucking Ethan probably ran off and told him. After splashing water on her face, she went to the door and pulled it open.

          “I was having car trouble and I was near here. Spying on you,” she lied. How pathetic. Why couldn’t she lie to him? She had no problem lying to the California supreme court, but the moment she’s faced with the man she’d fucked twice, and she crumbled. “I was trying to change my tire and needed to wash up.”

          Without saying another word, Lilah started to walk by him but suddenly stopped. “You know, screw Holland and Lindsey. Wolfram and Hart hired Faith to kill Angel. She’s being offered a large sum of money, plus they told her they can get the murder charges dropped against her,” she said.
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