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Of Dark Magicks

Spiralling down into the darkness...

Of Dark Magicks

Spiralling down into the darkness...

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Me - Magic

He hadn't intended to end up here.

Of course, intentions meant nothing in the grand scheme of things, not when they didn't stop what happened in the end.

He had been at the lowest point in his life in twenty-five years - thrown over by Council for caring too much, pushed aside by those he cared about. They were getting on with life while he had felt like he was standing still. No job, no purpose. He had been drifting, uncertain.

Then Ethan had shown up, invited him out for a drink, and Giles had agreed despite their last few run ins. One drink had turned to two, which had turned to quite a few. Before he had realized what was happening, he and Ethan had been in the middle of a bar brawl with several demons, magic spells flashing every which way. Afterwards, he had been buzzing in ways he hadn't experienced in twenty-five years, and he had wanted nothing more than for that high to continue.

The next morning, he had woken up with Ethan in his bed, his arm flung over the other man's bare torso. When he remembered what had happened the previous night, he had tried to pull away, tried to remind himself that this was a slippery slope - if he let himself be pulled in again, he'd never come up.

Then Ethan had drawn him back, reminding him of the rush of spellcasting. By the end of the day, Giles had started to turn his back on so many of the lessons the coven had taught him in Devon. By the end of the week, after spending several nights at the local magic den, re-experiencing old spells and learning new ones, he didn't care that he had, even when Buffy found him and asked him what was going on. He had been on his way to the den with Ethan and had shut his former Slayer out. What did it matter? He was no longer responsible for her, the Council had made that clear, and she was certainly not responsible for him.

When the others had started calling and showing up, he knew that he had to get out there. Away from Sunnydale and the interminable meddling of the Scoobies. Away from the stifling remnants of the life that he had tried to convince himself was what he needed to be.

This...this was who he was.

So he and Ethan had headed for Los Angeles, where they had found the best magic den in the city, a place to play both with magic and with sex. That had been two weeks ago.

Now, sitting in a private alcove, the music pulsing through him, intentions didn't matter a jot as he watched as Ethan played with a young woman out on the floor. With a dark smile, he concentrated, a small ball of fire forming in his hand. He blew on it, watching as it floated into the air, above the dancing spellcasters, hitting an energy ball someone else had let go and exploding in a rainbow of colors. Smiling in satisfaction, Giles closed his eyes and leaned back a little, letting the power in the den wash over him.
  • The first thing Lilah noticed when Lindsey walked into her office was his face. It was bruised, once again, and she knew who had done it. With a self-serving smirk on her face, she watched as Lindsey mad his way to a chair and sit down. “Didn’t know you liked it rough, Lindsey,” she said, her smirk still in place.

    “He’ll get his,” Lindsey merely said in reference to Angel.

    “Of course he will,” Lilah said, knowing Lindsey was just talking. She knew about how Lindsey straddled the fence at times, playing both sides. He would never amount to anything, especially if she could help it. “Is there a reason why you’re here?”

    Lindsey straightened his posture. “It’s about this project Linwood has us working on--”

    “You’re the one working on it,” Lilah pointed out. “I have projects of my own, and if you’ll excuse me, I have better things to do than entertain you.”

    He narrowed his eyes and stood from the chair. Without saying another word, Lindsey walked out of Lilah’s, leaving her alone with the file in front of her. She ran her hand over it, knowing she was about to get major points with the Senior Partners for what she had discovered.

    The week before, a local shaman approached her, telling her there was a den in Los Angeles, and whoever was there, was using powerful and dark magics. It was the sort of thing that interest Lilah and after doing some well-planned spying, she found out who the wizards were.

    Ethan Rayne, and one Rupert Giles - a former Watcher.

    She practically salivated at the thought of a trained Watcher being able to perform such magic. But, Lilah then found out he had been Buffy Summers’ Watcher. Buffy, the former lover of Angel. The pieces to the puzzle was slowly falling into place.

    After tucking the file away, Lilah stood from her desk and placed a small gift in her bag. She had plans to speak to Giles that afternoon and had decided to take a gift to him. It was a crystal blessed by Tibetan monks, and supposedly held great power. Hopefully he liked it and by the end of the day he’d be on her side, willing to work for the firm.

    Lilah left the building and drove over to the den. She’d taken a demon with her and he easily muscled her way into it. She asked around for Giles, the hair on her arms standing up from the amount of energy in the alcove, and finally a young woman giggled out a reply and pointed her toward an older man in the corner.

    She stepped in, and walked around a woman, who was lying on the floor. When she got to Giles, she stood there for a moment as the music seemed to grow louder. Clearing her throat, she began to speak over it. “Rupert Giles?” she asked.
    • When the unconscious body of the girl hit the floor just inside the alcove, Giles rolled his eyes and shook his head. "Ethan, if you keep going through girls at this rate, no one will be left for you to play with."

      "Then I'll just play with you, Ripper," Ethan told him, sliding down onto the couch next to him.

      Reaching over, Giles gave him a shove, sending him sprawling off the couch. "I told you not to call me that," he hissed. Ripper was a name from his younger days - a joke that he never wished to be known by again. "And I'm not a plaything for your amusement when you don't have anyone else."

      "Oh, come now, Ri--Rupert." Ethan climbed to his feet and crossed his arms, a shaft of energy appearing in front of him. "You rather enjoyed the other night, as I recall."

      "The other night was my decision, not yours." Flicking his hand out, the shaft shrank then disappeared. When Ethan appeared about to say something further, he snapped his fingers and the music in the alcove became louder even though there was no speaker there.

      Giles then looked over toward the alcove entrance, seeing a woman step in and raised his eyebrows. She definitely didn't belong her, not the way she was dressed, all tailored and well-coiffed. His eyes followed her as she made her way over to him and stood before him. With another discreet snap, the music became louder.

      "Who's this bird, Rupert?" Ethan asked. "A bit out of your element, aren't you, love?"

      "Do shut it, Ethan. Run along and find another plaything," Giles told him before turning his attention back to the woman before him. She was quite beautiful, he could see even in the dimness of the alcove, tall and proud, well-shaped and pert. "Ethan is right, you know. This doesn't appear to be your sort of place. You look like you'd be more at home in an office somewhere...possibly a business or a...law firm, perhaps."

      As Ethan snorted and slipped out of the alcove to return to the floor, Giles sat back against the couch. "You've obviously gone to some trouble to find me if you've come here. Did Buffy and the other send you?"
      • Lilah raised an eyebrow when Ethan spoke to her. Her contact was right - Ethan Rayne was a mousy little man. Lilah just stared at him for a moment, daring him to speak to her again. Maybe he could perform magic, but she knew how to protect herself from him. When Rupert spoke again, Lilah turned and looked down at him.

        He wasn't bad looking, even if he was on the older side. Lilah mentally shrugged, knowing she'd fucked guys his age when she was in college. When he told her she was out of her element, Lilah kept the smirk off her face and just looked at him. She wasn't going to show her cards until Ethan was away from them. The deal was with Rupert, not his mediocre lapdog.

        Once she saw Ethan slink away, Lilah turned her attention back to Rupert. "No one sent me," she finally said. "I'm a big girl and can wander the city by myself. I'm Lilah Morgan and I work for Wolfram and Hart. Enemies of the good guys - like Cordelia Chase and Angel." She glanced over her shoulder and at Ethan. He seemed too busy to pay attention to them.

        "I've read a great deal about you Mister Giles. When I found out there were new wizards in the city, I researched them. What a surprise it was to find out one of them was a Watcher," she said. Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed Ethan was looking at them. "If you value your eyes, Mister Rayne, I'd turn away." She nodded toward the demon by the door and Ethan looked over at him and then quickly went back to playing with his 'pet'.

        Lilah moved closer to Rupert and let a small smile lift on her face. "I've sought you out to offer you a job at Wolfram and Hart," she said, pulling her present out of her purse. She handed it to Rupert. "A small present to get our talks rolling."
        • When Lilah introduced herself and told her where she was from, Giles smirked and sat forward. So his guess of a law firm hadn't been that far off. It was just the sort of law firm that he hadn't considered. "I've heard of your firm, Miss Morgan," he told her when she told them who they were. "I've been well aware of their existence for many years."

          He was intrigued that someone from the well-known opponents of the Watchers Council had actually taken time to search him out. He was even more intrigued and a bit aroused when Lilah threatened Ethan. Anyone who put Ethan in his place, especially in such a subtle way, deserved to be heard out.

          "Ethan hates to think he'll be left out anything, but obviously, this is between you and me. Why did you come to find me here?"

          When she moved closer, he raised his eyebrows and stayed where he was. She wanted to offer him a job. How very interesting. He was sure that getting a former Watcher on their side would be considered quite a prize. Perhaps he should see just how far she was willing to go to secure him.

          Taking the present, he held the crystal in his hand. "This is quite a opener," he told her, feeling the power that was contained inside. "Have you ever used one of these before? There's many things you do with one, but I rather like this..."

          He stood up in front of Lilah so they were quite close together and held the crystal up between them. Speaking a few words softly, he flicked the crystal with his finger, causing it to vibrate quite vigorously. He then ran it over her body, over her chest and down lower across her stomach and abdomen.

          "There's many crystals in the world, but blessed ones are quite rare," he whispered, watching her expression closely as he continued to move the crystal in lazy circles. "You certainly have my attention, Miss Morgan. What offer exactly did you have in mind?"
          • Lilah continued to look at Rupert as he stated he knew about Wolfram and Hart. She knew he would, but still needed to state where she was form. Honestly, although not always her strong point, was always the best policy in situations like these. “If Mister Rayne values his body parts, then he’ll go to the other side of the room,” she said, without looking at him.

            A second later, Lilah saw Ethan scurry off to the other side of the room, and she smirked a little. Turning her attention back to Rupert, she watched as he took the crystal out. “Only the best, for the best,” she told him. “And no, I don’t know all the power it possesses. I’ve seen them used in a few spells, but nothing spectacular.”

            When Rupert stood and moved toward her, Lilah stood in place. Backing away would show weakness and she wasn’t weak. She looked over at the crystal as he muttered his words, and soon it was vibrating. Then she felt the power started to wash over her, making her feel pleasure. Her first reaction is to moan and close her eyes.

            “My offer?” She asks, her eyes threatening to flutter shut. “You come to work for us and we’ll give you anything you want, Mister Giles.” The more he touched her with the crystal, the more aroused she began. She felt her face flush and he wanted to pull away from him but she couldn’t. That would show weakness and she wasn’t weak.
  • Lilah took the wine and smiled. "1970. Good year for red wine. I would say I'm impressed but you seem to be a man of good taste, Mister Giles," she said before swirling the wine around. She brought the glass up and took a small sip as she watched him sit next to her. She casually uncrossed her legs and then crossed them again.

    "We have several safeguards in place to help us with Darla. The firm doesn't do things half-way, Mister Giles. I'm certain we'll win this small war we've waged against Angel," she calmly said. Leaning forward, she placed the wine on the table and smiled at his question.

    "If you haven't realized it yet, I'm the type of woman who doesn't take no for an answer. I will come back here day and night until you either kill me, say yes, or fall in love with my ways and never want me to leave again," Lilah said with a small smile. "I've negotiated treaties between demon clans. An unemployed Watcher doesn't bother me."

    She leaned forward again, her body dangerously close to his. "And I play dirty. You won't see it coming but it'll be there. I know what I want and what I want at this very moment is you," she whispered.
    • Despite Lilah's assurances that they had safeguards in place, Giles did wonder if they were truly prepared for what might actually happen when they resurrected Darla. He supposed there was nothing to do but wait and see - and he rather did want to see what happened, especially if it worked.

      "I look forward to seeing the outcome. If I'm allowed to, of course. I've always rather had an...interest in Angel's downfall," he told her, watching her as she moved. Quite graceful, assured. He had to force himself not to react to her opening and closing her legs, though he couldn't imagine there being a man alive who wouldn't have.

      He was also rather impressed with her determination. "Day and night, you say? Who says I'll allow myself to fall for your charms? Perhaps it will be you who will never want to leave me." His eyes ticked down over her body, so close. His hand hovered over her, close but not quite touching, as his voice tone lowered to match hers. "I think I'd rather enjoy seeing just how dirty you can play, Miss Morgan. Because I do think you'll find, I can as well. And I do think we'd have quite a great deal of fun."
      • Lilah smirked when Rupert said she might fall for his charm. "I'm not one of your little Slayers or college girls, Mister Giles. I don't fall so easily. If you think you can win me over with your charm, then by all means..." She smiled at him, daring him to make his move.

        When they were merely inches apart, she could feel herself warming up again. "If you want a record of how dirty I can play, I'll introduce you to my associate Lindsey. He might even show you the scars," she whispered. When he mentioned Lilah pushed out a low laugh. Oh, if it was fun he wanted, then it was fun he was going to get.

        "I must warn you, Mister Giles," Lilah said, her fingernail running along his thigh, "the only sort of fun I like to have is the adult kind." She drew lazy circles over his thigh as she stared him in the eyes. "Plus, what if I decided to leave the firm and become a partner with you? Would that be something that would interest you?"
        • "I do believe that's a challenge," Giles said with a smirk, his hand moving to rest on her on the curve of her hip. "And I have a feeling that we would challenge each a great deal."

          They were practically on top of each other now, and he almost wanted to fuck her there and then on the couch. But this was some of the best foreplay he'd had in a long time. He was quite enjoying this. He was quite enjoying her. Lilah Morgan was a worthy challenge and far more interesting than anyone else he had met in a long time.

          When she touched his thigh, he had to bite back a hiss of pleasure, locking eyes with hers. "Adult fun is best kind," he murmured, his hand trailing down from her hip down her own thigh. When he reached the hem of her skirt, he traced a finger over the soft skin above her knee. "Although I didn't think the firm let their associates go that easily. And would you really want to give up what they give you? For someone you just met tonight? You don't seem the type."

          His hand slid to the inside of her thigh and up under her skirt, rubbing over her panties. He raised an eyebrow at her and pushed them aside, his fingers running over her rather wet folds. He felt himself hardening in the jeans he was wearing at that, his boxers becoming quite tight.

          "You do like the adult sort of fun, don't you?" he asked as his finger began rubbing her clit. Leaning over to place his mouth next to her ear, he began rubbing harder. "I'm sure we can share pleasures with each other that others only dream of."
          • "I thrive on challenges Mister Giles," Lilah said, shuddering a little when she felt his hands on her thigh. She licked her lips and looked at him as his fingers run over her skin. "Maybe I wouldn't leave them for you, but I'd love to see what sort of things you'd do to get me. And I know you'd want me by the time I was finished with you."

            She ran her hand closer to his crotch as they locked eyes. She opened herself up to him just enough for him to move up to the crotch of her panties. A soft moan left her mouth when his finger traced over her wet folds and to her clit. Lilah had to stop herself from grinding back as he started to rub her clit. It'd been too long.

            "I had a slight disadvantage," Lilah purred before her finger ran over the outline of Rupert's hard cock. "You used magic on me earlier. Someone needs to learn how to play fair." She tilted her head leaned closer and scraped her teeth over his neck. Fucking someone you wanted on your side wasn't something Lilah did a lot but Rupert was different and if she did this, then he might trust her more.

            Undoing the top of his jeans, she pulled the zipper down before pulling him out. Her hand wrapped around the heated flesh of his cock and she slowly started to stroke him. "I think you're right, Mister Giles," she whispered back.
  • Lilah groaned as Rupert continued to push into her. She couldn't remember the last she'd been fucked like this. It was good enough that she wanted to return every night just to fuck Rupert senseles. With a smirk, she moved her mouth to his neck and sucked on it as he pushed harder into her.

    Suddenly, he let out a moan and she felt him twitch inside of her. Lilah pulled his shuddering body closer to her and decided to let herself go. With a feel more rubs of his thumb, Lilah threw her head back and let out a low scream as she came around him. She continued to shake underneath him, happy she'd came after him. To her that meant she was still in control.

    When she got her breath back, she looked up at him. "Not bad," she purred as she ran her fingers through his hair. "Not bad for an old man. Now, are you a one-shot man or do you have more in you?" She gave him a smile. "Or, I could just keep coming back until you decide you want to work for me and the firm."
    • When Lilah spasmed around him, her scream of pleasure echoing in his ear, Giles' head lolled back in bliss for a moment as he enjoyed the feel of her so tight around his cock. As she slowly stopped contracting, he tilted his head back to look down at her, quite liking the way she ran her fingers through his hair. She made it quite sensual.

      Grinning at her question, he slowly pulled out of her though he didn't want to. Certain physical needs made it necessary, however. "I do believe I have more in me though you'll have to allow me two small indulgences. One, a small bit of magic..." With a few words, the condom was gone, leaving him clean. "And two, a small amount of time to recover. I am, after all, still a man, and you did say no magic."

      He knew plenty of spells - how to make one stay hard, how to cause pleasure in another - but since she said no, he'd use none of those. At least not tonight. Perhaps another time he introduce her to the enhanced pleasures of magic.

      "Although, while we're waiting..."

      Pushing her legs apart a bit further, he leaned down and ran his tongue over her clit, teasing it while one hand snaked up to fondle her breast.
      • Lilah gave Giles an amused look when he said he needed time to recover. She'd been around magic enough during her career at the firm to know he'd be ready to go if she were allowing him to use it. Maybe later he could. She had heard rumors about how magic sex was much better than regular. "Well, then, maybe you should entertain--"

        She didn't get to finish her sentence before she felt Rupert's tongue on her clit. Still sensitive from just coming, Lilah groaned and moved against his tongue. "Fuck," she moaned, her fingers tangling in his hair. She scraped her fingernails across his scalp, not caring about having the power anymore. She had already won the first round.

        "I hope doing this makes you hard," she whimpered as she felt herself start to tighten up. "I think I could use another rounding of fucking you." Gripping his hair tighter, Lilah started to ride his tongue harder until she screamed out and everything exploded inside of her.
        • Feeling the way her body responded to his teasing of her clit, Giles smiled, feeling himself starting to stir again. She tasted quite devine, and her body moved in ways definitely made him want her again. He groaned softly when her nails scraped across his scalp. He had always loved that sensation, the bolts of utter pleasure it sent through him, though she no doubt had no idea what it did to him.

          When she said she hoped it was making him hard, he took her hand and cupped it over his cock so she could feel exactly what it was doing to him. He wasn't completely hard again yet, but he was definitely aroused. He wanted to fuck her again as much as she apparently wanted to.

          Pressing his tongue against her as she moved more violently, he greedily lapped up her release when she came. Lilah was definitely a screamer - he liked that. He liked hearing what how what they were doing was affecting her.

          When she finally came down, her grip on his hair lessening, he moved up her body, looking down into her eyes. He was completely hard now and wanted her badly. "How do you want this?" he asked lowly before repeating the spell to encase himself in a new condom.
          • Lilah caught her breath in time to find Rupert hovering above her. She could feel his hard cock brushing against her thigh and she moaned at that. There was something extremely erotic about being the one who made a man hard. When he asked his question, Lilah acted like she was giving it a lot of thought. She knew what she wanted since it was her favorite way of being fucked.

            "I think," she said, moving her thigh over his cock, "you should bend me over the nearest surface and fuck me from behind. I've been told I have a nice ass. And you seem like the type of man to enjoy a nice piece of ass."

            With a grin, she leaned up and nipped at his bottom lip hard enough to make it bleed. Lilah wouldn't admit it but she had a small amount of blood lust running through her veins. Unlike most women, she didn't mind seeing someone getting their head chopped off, or seeing them beat to a bloody pulp. She actually enjoyed watching the local death matches, which were held in cages.

            Leaning up a little, she licked the blood off his lip and smiled. "I haven't got all day, Mister Giles," she whispered as she pushed against him.
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